Stories of an Immigrants' Descendant

So I was thinking many of us here are probably descendants, children and grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren of immigrants that came to America for various reasons. I am intrigued by immigration stories and have heard so many that I lost count. One thing is for sure, though, every story is different.
Then, I thought maybe create a topic here so we can all share our stories. Our readers are none other than us here who all share one thing, Asian entertainment interests. Sometimes, we have different understandings and take of things but regardless, this is our second home so why not share a little about us, thus creating one 'book' by all of us here at AF?
Our entries will be like a diary format and can be anything about ourselves, family, friends, etc. You DO NOT have to include your name or any names at all. So I'll start with myself. :)
After numerous attempts and many years of emigrating from a Communist Cambodia, my Mom's family were transported across the borders back to Thailand (their native country) and then to Phillippines, and then finally to America. My Dad's family was torn apart by the war in Cambodia but less than half of them made it to America, which was a few months after my Mom's. My parents' parents grew up together and they were married in the same year, had the same amount of kids. My Mom's family was very rich and my Dad's family was very poor.
Like most Asian families here, both of my parents' families stayed with an American family and was taught the Christian faith. They quickly adapted to American customs but held onto most of their Asian beliefs. Both sides of my families established authentic Chinese and Thai restaurants in downtown, which was declining due to crime and city's failure of buildings and sanitation maintenance. We then sold all of our restaurants to Vietnamese people, most of them, new migrants with intent to introduce their native cuisines to the city.


sarNie Adult
I was born in India but have been living in Canada for the past (almost) 9 years. Got into Kpop because of the numerous Chinese friends I made here. Through Kpop, I discovered lakorns..I don't even know how... haha But it was one of my best discoveries :rockon:  Lakorns have everything I've ever wanted to see in a movie/drama. Not over-dramatic like Korean dramas yet more romantic than American dramas. I no longer follow Kpop (too much shadiness going on) but lakorns have become my life! I wish I had a Thai friend in Canada. But haven't spotted any Thais here  :cry:  
I still hold onto my culture and traditions very strongly though. An avid follower of Hinduism and Indian movies + some dramas (Humsafars!!!!!).