Stefan's New Lakorn is with.....???


Aum Patcharapa.....Credit to Interlove and one of Stefan's fanclub...gotta go check which one states that....forgot the title but its for Kantana......

Well it's not confirmed until I see someone posting an article of now it's gossip

EDIT: it's confirmed


sarNie Adult
the lakorn sound drama and not aum fan but i'm looking forward to watch this lakorn...


sarNie Coma
im not a fan of both but i do think stephen is cute ever since long ngao jun but his acting is blah..and he cant speak fluent so it makes his acting :blink:


sarNie Hatchling
Oh I've heard news about this. Lucky Stefan....getting to work with lots of the top actress. Stefan is pretty cute and I'm starting to like his acting especially in Lhong Ngao Jai. But Aum is getting paired up with peks that just played with Kob. Like Aum and Paul new lakorn after Kob and Paul? I think it's weird but sure.


sarNie Hatchling
Well..It is true??? Aum and Stefan together..Wow it is going to anyway hope that it is not just a rumour ...... Lucky for Stefan to get with the top n'ek of channel 7.... I think that Khun Dang will really want to support Stefan and would really like him to be the next top p'ek of channel 7 like Por or Cee


sarNie Elites
they always do that...first they let Kob act with the pe'k then they pass it on to aum....


sarNie Adult
It's getting repeative that they do that to Kob's pra'ek. I mean Kantana has the majority of the new generation of na'ek that Stefan could act with but they didn't choose those girls (Jui, Pinky, Benz, etc.)

Example of pass on...

Dang Sawan Sarb (Kob/Por) >>> Jit Sarn Harn
Mae Khun Euy (Kob/Oil) >>> So Sanae Ha
Khun Paw Rup Jarng (Kob/Num) >>> Hemaraj
Sapai Tornado (Kob/Paul) >>> Sai Lerd Hien Rak
Lhong Ngao Jun (Kob/Stefan) >>> Ruen Rit Pissawad


sarNie Elites
Somehow i don't think they match Aump is pretty but its just werid. But i will still watch it.
Me too i want to see Stefan with Jui or Yui.


sarNie Adult
Awesome that Stefan has a new lakorn coming out, but why with Aump...not too fond of her, but she'll do? I wish it with someone else...


sarNie Elites
Babyt said:
they always do that...first they let Kob act with the pe'k then they pass it on to aum....
that's what I was just about to say... it's like they USE Kob first to push up a new actor and then pass it on to Aum to continue the duty.. :wacko:


sarNie Adult
What!? Stephan and Aum are going to have a lakorn together? But why Kantana, cause that production really suck... <_< Well, good luck to them both ;) :D
I wanted to see Stephan with Araya cause they both mixed and tall!!! :)