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HISTORY:This is the topic where Stars Subbing Team developed.

#1: Thuy - A Timer*
#2: Kayla - A Translator*
#3: Pang - A Translator*
#4: Stardust - A Translator*
#5: Maya - A Translator/Timer/ Coordinator*
#6: Linda - A Translator/Web Designer*
#7: Rina - A Timer*
#8: linda0koy - A Timer*
#9: nina_k - A Grammar Checker*
#10: roselovesice - A Timer*
#11: laplandJJ - A Timer*
#12: callakt - A Grammar Checker*
#13: Reachy - A Grammar Checker*
#14: butterfly123 - A Timer*
#15: Pheit S. - A Translator*

Tasks for Suparb Buruth Satan is on its self-titled topic.

Grammar checkers and translators should try to use the same spelling to prevent less correction needed in the final procedure.


Tawin Yaowapalakul as Tawanchai Simantra (pra'ek)
Kwan Usamanee Waitayanon as Torfun (Nang'ek)
Poo Praiya Suandokemai as Nokyoong
Patid Pisitkul as Naetae
Methra Rungrat as Bah Goy (Aunt Goey)
Patranit Kaewmanee as Woonsen
Mantana Himatongkam as Wanna Rukborrisot
Withit Lad as Ek
Gino Chaiyanin as Lookchin
Suratna Kongthragoon as Deurn
Direk Amattayakul as Ai Peng
Wichai Jongprasithiphorn as Security guard for TawanChai
Yodchai Mheksuwan as Borwon
Episode 1: Completed
Episode 2: Completed
Episode 3: Completed
Episode 4: Completed
Episode 5: Completed
Episode 6: Completed
Episode 7: Completed
IMPORTANT:Please notify either Thuy or Maya a week ahead or at least four days ahead if you're unable to accomplish your assigned task(s).


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EPISODE 08: Completed!
EPISODE 09: Completed!
EPISODE 10: Completed!
EPISODE 11: Completed!
EPISODE 12: Completed!
EPISODE 13: Completed!
EPISODE 14: Completed!
EPISODE 15: Completed!
EPISODE 16: Completed! THE END!

FINALLY I CAN RELAX NOW :clap: :yahoo:
Umm, I can do it it's summer right now nothing to do but I will not be online for about 2 days I'll be back on Monday cause I have to catch a flight from Canada back to Thailand :p


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Maya_Fantasy said:
I did episode 7 for Skies. My very first translating for a lakorn, not sure how good or how bad it is, if you want to see how bad it is, I can show you.
Yes, please. Did you translate the whole episode or part of episode 7? It's ok if it's bad. It might seems good enough for me. :) Thanks, Maya.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yes, please. Did you translate the whole episode or part of episode 7? It's ok if it's bad. It might seems good enough for me. :) Thanks, Maya.
I did the whole episode already. You want me to PM it to you here or want me to email it to you, because is very long. PM me your email address if you like.

:lol: OH and if you find mistake, please fix it ok or if you want to change some wording around that would be ok too, even Skies don't understand Thai she still found some mistake I made :loool: hahahahahaha LOL :loool:


sarNie Fansubber
Hopefully, we'll get this project done with more translators. :clap:

Thanks, Maya!!! You can e-mail it to me. I'd PM you my email address.
Deun: We looked everywhere already.

Head Maid: Did you guys know that Wanna said she would make us pay for what we did 18 years ago?

Other Maids: What? Make us pay back?

Head Maid: Uh, yes. This unmarried lady still has her old habits and personality.

Wanna: Mmm! You servants haven't left your old ceremonial habits of gossiping on your masters! Get out of this house. You're fired. Go pack your bags - now!

Woonsen: Get out! You people that used to be mean to my mother, today is payack time!

Tawanchai: Nobody can fire these people.

Wanna: K'Tawanchai, you're here just in time. Good, I want to tell you that I would never fire anyone. I'm here because of Torfun's orders.

Tawanchai: I am also the owner of this house. I am not letting these people get fired. Where is Torfun?

Torfun: Lookchin, it's you right? Come right in. Hmm, did Mom and Woonsen do as I commanded? The thing about-

Tawanchai: The thing about firing my workers. The moment you walked into this house...

Torfun: What? The moment I walked into this room, I haven't gone downstairs! And I also don't know where the people you are talking about are...

Tawanchai: But your mom knows.

Torfun: Of course! My mom used to be a lady master at this house!

Tawanchai: She's just a fake master...A master by accicent.

Torfun: Hmm! Take that insult about my mom back!

Tawanchai: I'm not taking it back...and I'm also going to tell you that you're just a ghost-pushed relative.

Torfun: Hmm! Ghosh-pushed? Here, here, here, here! Why? Your jealously gland is boiling? Doesn't it make you happy that there is someone to share the 100,000,000 inheritance?

TawanchaI: Even though this house only has rose petals for you to walk on, but if you come the wrong way...come by using a shortcut...there might be something bad waiting for you! Don't you ever dare to make your mom and sister fire my workers! Remember that!

Torfun: Hey! Take that insult about me back!

Tawanchai: Here! Hurt by my words and actions? Your actions and words are the same, but you can't think about it...

Torfun: Owwwwwwwwww!

Tawanchai: Don't act as if you're hurt, cause your "accicent" position does not trigger ANY likeness glands of mine, little sister.

Torfun: [screaming]

Woonsen: You don't know how to do it and act as if you forgot what I said...

Wanna: That was so embarrasing! I needed run around saying sorry to those people instead!

Woonsen: K'Tawanchai will think that we do not have any manners.

Torfun: Mom, why are you saying things like that?

Wanna: I'm going to speak like this, what are you going to do?

Torfun: Well, you and Woonsen decided to fire them yourselves, but why use my name!?!

Woonsen: So what? They are mother's enemies, but Mom isn't the owner of this house unlike you. That's why we needed your name!

Wanna: Stop talking about this already. You, Torfun. Keep thinking about getting me 500,000.

Torfun: 500,000?

Woonsen: Yes. We're going to use it to make ourselves hisos.

Torfun: Oh, Mom. That much money isn't here to waste! Try to save money! Oww, Mom!

Wanna: Don't you ever dare think of turning your back against me!

Torfun: Mom, I ask you. Am I not your daughter, or do you hate Dad so you hate me too?

Head Maid: Thank you very much K'Tawanchai. We are very grateful that you help us stay here.

Tawanchai: It's the feeling of bonding. Since I started remembering, I've seen all of you here. To this day, you are like my elder relatives.

Maids: Oh, we am so grateful!

Tawanchai: Being a maid is like any other kind of job. It's not a job that you could get cheated on like rich people understand.

Torfun: Come on, come sit here. This is your chair na, Lookchin. Quick, sit. Mom and Woonsen sit. Oh, sorry. P'Kluay, N'Sroi, N'Waew are all so cute! When you see the 4 of us you hurry into the kitchen to get us food. Oh, thanks so much! But it's ok. The food here is enough for all of us. Just serve us water. P'Tawanchai, are you full? Or, is it our faces that make you full so fast?

Tawanchai: No, the truth is I want to vomit.

Wanna; Oh, I feel so sorry for you. It's Torfun, right? Don't have a heavy heart that Torfun decided to fire those people. I know myself well that by living here is lucky enough. Woonsen, we're going to eat in the kitchen, ok? Anyways, we used to be old friends. Maids are a sort of helpful. Without them, we'd vomit...

Woonsen: Umm, me and Mom excuse ourselves, ok? We are going to eat in the kitchen so we can get to know everybody.

Lookchin: Mom and P'Woonsen are posessed.

Tawanchai: You don't have to do like that, P'Wanna. P'Kluay, please help them. I'm going to go to work now. Everyone, eat.

Torfun: Aww, P'Tawanchai has a invisible hand that drags him off to work. Umm, what are we going to do about the inheritance since K'Naetae is coming today? So, what are we going to do with MY inheritance? I'm starting to get greedy.

Naetae: Yes, Tawanchai. You guys need to figure out who's getting what, so there is no misunderstandings later.

Tawanchai: Ok, I'll go wait in the living room... Oh ya, don't drift off because you've eaten food that you've never tasted before.

Torfun: One minute good, the other bad... See? We make your life have color to it!!! See? Hmm?

A'Goo: Her name is Torfun Simantra. I'm going to put her name in the dog book.

Nokyoong: Thanks, A'Goo. The only elder relative I have left is you, Goo. Please be kind to me.

A'Goo: Haha, your mother and father are tied together by an oath. Even though you ar not my daughter, you are like one. Whoever makes you sad, makes me sad too. I will give you all my inheritance.

Nokyoong: Thanks, Goo. Is there anything else you could guide me?

A'Goo: Hurry up and marry Tawanchai.

Nokyoong: Yes, Goo.

A'Goo: And, don't be mad at-

Nokyoong: Hey! Why do you need to serve us coffee now? Don't you see that we're talking? Go!

A'Goo: Hmm, she is the only one that can stand you, Nokyoong.

Nokyoong: That's why I did it.

A'Goo: I'm going up-country. Don't forget - the will is in my safe. If something happens to me, hurry and get the will to the lawyer to get the inheritance.

Nokyoong: Why do you always say this? I don't like hearing it...

A'Goo: It's better to prevent it than to try to find a way to solve it. I have to go.

Noktoong: Ok.

Naetae: This is a credit card with 500,000 baht. And, this is an ATM. Use it to get money out...each day 200,000.


Well, here keke. I finished it. I wasn't sure what to do with it though haha.


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WOW that is nice translations StarDust, so nice and neat. Mine was so messy and I didn't even put the name of the person talking on it. I hope thuynmt won't get headache reading my works. :loool:


sarNie Fansubber
Wow! You're very fast, StarDust! Thank you for your help.

Don't worry, Maya_Fantasy. I will figure it out, somehow. lol just kidding. Thanks, Maya. It's good enough that you translate it. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you, all.


sarNie Fansubber
OMG, I can't believe you did the whole episode 7, Maya!!! lol We have superwomen translators here. lol

Oh, Maya. How do I upload on Buddy Media @ SarNworld? I have all the parts I finished subbing and uploading at megaupload.com on my blogspot:


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Here's to keep things organize:

Episode 1: Completed
Episode 2: *2.1 and 2.2 Completed.
*2.3 - Waiting for translation from Kayla
*2.4 - Waiting for translation from Maya
*2.5 - Waiting for timing from thuynmt
Episode 3: *3.1 - Waiting for timing from thuynmt
*3.2 to 3.5 - Waiting for translation from Kayla
*3.6 to 3.9 - Waiting for StarDust
Episode 4: *Waiting for translation from Pang
This will be on the first page and on the first post for reference. I want to assign the task according to everyone's schedule. If you're busy on a certain week or doesn't have the time, please notify so I can make the change and assign the task to another translator.


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG, I can't believe you did the whole episode 7, Maya!!! lol We have superwomen translators here. lol

Oh, Maya. How do I upload on Buddy Media @ SarNworld? I have all the parts I finished subbing and uploading at megaupload.com on my blogspot:
:lol: That is because I have free time when the site was down LOL.

I don't know if you want to start a new thread/topic for this or not because is with Eng. sub. or you want to post along with the regular upload which is http://www.sarnworld.com/discuzz/index.php...80&start=80 .
But I think is best with new thread/topic for it, so it won't be confused for those that only want the one with Sub. Or you can just post your link along with the original post, that should be fine I guess. :D

By the way nice blog... ;)


sarNie Oldmaid
Hey I think you can just put your blog link on the first post. So that way you don't have to post on Buddy Media if you don't want to. :D


sarNie Fansubber
Hey I think you can just put your blog link on the first post. So that way you don't have to post on Buddy Media if you don't want to. :D
I'll post it up on Buddy Media. Thanks for showing me and thanks for helping with the difficult parts of episode 3.1. lol


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OK I'm done with 2.4 now... gosh I need a good rest now, that was hard LOL :lol:

Stardust take me to Thailand with you, I need a good vacation too. :loool: j/k Have fun in Thailand ok. :D