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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by DEGacktmoon, May 9, 2006.

  1. DEGacktmoon

    DEGacktmoon sarNie Hatchling

    i'm watching this drama rite now... and it's soo good and HOT!... lol... the guys are great!...

    was just wondering if anyone have already seen this drama.... i'm loving it... and it's sooo funny!
  2. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    I saw this dorama already. Made me laugh a lot! I liked it because it has a very different storyline. Indeed, the guys are very hot in this dorama!!! I liked all of them!
  3. DEGacktmoon

    DEGacktmoon sarNie Hatchling

    AH!... NEENA!... you have jun on your ava!!!! *loves*

    he is sooo hot!
  4. Vivienneeastwood

    Vivienneeastwood sarNie Egg

    i watch the first episode yeah the stars are cool :) .
  5. simple-e

    simple-e sarNie Egg

    This drama was hilarious and I loved it. The guys were great together and are all so hot. Especially Hiroki who has stolen my heart since then.
  6. xxmiss_maixx

    xxmiss_maixx sarNie Adult

    what is it about?
  7. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    Well, its about four best friends who go to school together. Their names: Ken-Ken (Yamapi), Shouhei (Nino), Hayato (Hiroki Narimiya), and Kouji (Oguri Shun). In school, they are the last "virgins" so they vowed to not have sex until they are married but they are pressured by the students. Also, they're parent's oppose to having sex, so they are kinda lost. lol. They're old friend, Chie (Anne Suzuki) comes back during the summer break. During the summer, lots of things happen. They decide to do "it" before the summer ends...well...they ended up not doing "it."

    This drama sure has a lot to talk about. I really liked it. It was funny and it taught you something. Don't rush it.
  8. chibichaos

    chibichaos sarNie Egg

    the show is proper funny nd is kind of disturbing
    but its so funny its gt my favorite guy in hiroshi nd oguri
    love em!! ^_^ :D

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