Some picture of Aff


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Gosh... I really think that she is one of Thailand's very most beautiful females =) She is cute, pretty, beautiful, and sexy! I really like her and hope that she will be able to get more na'eke roles =)


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Sarn, do you have any info on her?


The Realist guy here period

Name: TaksaornPaksukcharern
Nickname: Aff
Birthdate: October 27, 1980
Height: 163 cm.
Weight: 45 kg.
Education: School of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Siblings: 2 (First daughter with 1 younger sister)

TV Lakorn:

* Mit Chaibancha MayaCheevit
* Mon Rak Lottery (with Dan Worawech)
* Risaya (with Job Nithi)
* Phoo Chai Mue Song
* Puen Rak (Not release yet)
* Jom Jai (with Dom Hetrakul)
* Tee Takul Song (with Gig Danai)(2006)
* Meuh Dok Rak Ban (with Mart Krisada)(2007)
* Jam Leoy Rak (with Aum Atichart) (2008)
* Botan Kleep Sudtai (with Aum Atichart) (Future lakorn)


* King Naresuan

Credit: Thai Stars for info. Thanks lynda


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oo i knew i rember her in one of Dan lakorn . I thought she be like around 21- 24 at least but not 27 !


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i think i never see rissaya . wat it about


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:eek: no way! aum and aff has ANOTHER lakorn together after JLR? wooo....i can't wait i am really starting to love this couple!! :D


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i find funny how she calls aum, p'aum when she's in fact older than him :p
She looks beautiful and elegant ^^
Is she mixed?


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HEY, for rissaya, isnt' that the one with CHAI as her manager, he had a disability daughter too. she's a waitress in his restaurant, right?

Hey CTR. if you go to this site, you can get info on her.

This blogger also does subs for Jam Leuy Ruk.
Hey she is starring with Aum again this coming year.
wAIT, i THOUGHT this is one of WISHBONE's blogger b/c i saw this being connect to her lakorn blog .. i could be wrong though. thanks for sharing anyway.


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i cant believe aff is 27!..i thought she was around 23-24. she looks so young for her age. but yeh, one classic beauty she is!..talented as well..

heres more pix from ratree samosorn and other mag shoot