Smooth Operator (CH 44 : END)


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I know I haven't been updating my other FF but hopefully I can finish this one & not get side track :D
I'll have the first chapter up soon.

Inspired by Crazy Stupid Love, He's Just Not That into You & Seducing Mr. Perfect.

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Mama Noy ♥️

"Here's your apple martini."

Yaya snaps back to reality. Lost in deep concentration with her thoughts.

"Oh--" she stares at the bartender blankly, then quickly fumbles through her purse, searching for her credit card. "Where are you..." she panics, as the bartender waits on her.

"Here--Here--" she stutters, handing him the card, smiling shyly.

"Open tab okay?" He asked, waving her credit card in the air.

"Uh.. yes please." She adjust her glasses.

"Alright." the bartender nods his head and walks toward the register.

Yaya inhales deeply, taking her drink. She scans the lounge, searching for an empty seat in the dimly lit place. She spots one quickly and makes her way towards it. Her butt sinks comfortably on the chair. Her eyes continues scanning the room in search of company. The music blast loudly in her ears. The sound of loud conversation lingers in air. The smell of cigarette smoke lingers in her nose.

She sips her martini and continues observing the crowds. She's surrounded with a crowd of people, yet no one to keep her company.

"Maybe coming here wasn't a good idea to clear my mind" she looks down at her martini, which is almost done. Her eyes continues to wander the room, but it freezes in an instantly. Her heart beats loudly. A gorgeous man makes his way towards her. A light shines down on him and a halo appears above his head.

"He must be sent from heaven..." she smiles to herself, as he stands in front a few inches from her. His smiles so wicked and sexy, Yaya felt her knees trembling. Her throat felt dry as she started up at him. Tall, handsome, sexy and a drop dead gorgeous smile. He look like a vogue model who walked right out of a magazine and into real life. He was definitely dressed to impressed.

"Excuse me--" The gentleman says with a smirk on his face.

"Ye--Yes...?" Yaya stares into his brown eyes, mesmerized by his beauty. Her heart beats faster with each passing second.

"You're in my seat." the gentleman replies.

A confused look on her face, "Wh--What?" she looks around her.

"My seat-- you're seating on it" He points to it, "Actually-- This table is reserved for me" he holds up the sign, reading "Reserved for Mr. Kugimiya." He raises an eyebrow at her with a witty smirk.

"Oh..." She could feel her cheeks turning bright red. She's dying with embarrassment inside. "I'm-- I'm sorry--" she quickly gets up, grabbing her martini, and walks away without looking back. Can she be a bigger dork than she already is?

She trudges back to bar, feeling her cheeks burn from embarrassment. "Somebody shoot me now!?" She screams inside her head. Never has she ever been so embarrassed in her life!

From the corner of her eyes, she could see Mr. Kugimiya chuckling and laughing, surrounded by 3 gorgeous woman.

"Is he laughing at me?" She ask herself, pushing up her glasses. Suddenly, he looks up at her and their eyes met for a brief second. He gave her a wink. Yaya's heart stopped for a split second and she quickly turns around.

"Oh my gosh!" she panics, knocking over a drink at bar.

"Hey!" the man shouts, "watch it!"

"Darn--" Her eyes widen, quickly grabbing some napkins to clean the mess.

"I'm sorry-- truly sorry!" she's frantic, feeling her heart race a mile a minute.

"Why is this happening to me right now?!" she cries.

"Just stop!" the man shouts loudly. Yaya quickly backs off, head down, "I'm sorry.." she looks around feeling all the eyes on her, even the gentleman who kicked her of the seat. He's smirking at her with pity. She quickly darts to the other side of the bar. She flags the bartender that took her order, telling him to close her tab. After she paid, she makes her way towards the exit. As she's leaving, something compells her to look back at the gentleman that kicked her out of his seat.

Yaya watches as he mingles with those females, womanizing them away with his bullshit words, just to get them into bed. He kisses one of them on the cheek, smirking and laughing.

She shakes her head in disgust, curiosity lingers her mind as she wonder how he pulls it off.

"Guys like that can't be trusted." She tells herself, quickly leaving the lounge.


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Welcome back na Noy! I missed your writing and I'm so glad that you're back with a Yadech FF for us all. I'm loving it so far!


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Wow, another great fan fiction.

I like your writing style. Keep up the good work!

Can't wait for next chapters.

Thanks for writing!


Mama Noy ♥️

Yaya enters the Tiki's Bar & Lounge, in depressed need of a drink. For the past weeks, she found herself wandering into this lounge. What compelled her to come here? Is it the cheap drinks? The beautiful people? Possibly the music? Perhaps it's that charming-smooth talking-womanizer that kept her coming back. The one who embarrassed her. Possibly. She wasn't sure.

All the times Yaya's been to this lounge, she noticed him right away. "The Smooth Operator" she calls him. A very handsome man he is. A true prince charmer. He knew how to woe a woman and make her feel special and beautiful. He sweep them off their feet, whispering sweet nothings into their ears. All those women blushes and giggles with excitement, thinking how lucky they were to have a god-like man like the Smooth Operator talk to them.

Yaya pitied these woman but she couldn't help but wonder how he does it. She was never the most beautiful woman but she wasn't ugly. There isn't a line of guys waiting outside her door begging her to be their girlfriend. She's dated a few in her life, a few good but the majority not so good. She just hasn't found "the one."

Her eyes quickly scans the lounge. Strange. The Smooth Operator is nowhere in sight. Disappointment lingers in her chest. She takes a seat at the bar, ordering her usual apple martini. She sits quietly by herself, just listening to the conversations buzzing through her ears. Conversations of work, boyfriends, late night booty calls, which woman will so and so take home tonight. Nonsense conversation.

She sighs deeply, listening on as the DJ spins John Legend - Go. Yaya finishes her martini and orders one more. She slowly mix her martini, scanning the place one more time.

"Looking for me...?"

Yaya freeze instantly, nearly choking on her martini. Her eyes widen once she realize it's the Smooth Operator is right in front of her. Her heart sinks to her stomach, bewildered by him being so close to her.

"Uhh..." she quickly turns her cheek, "Uh.. No." she could feel her palms begin to sweat as her heart races with nerves.

"I'm pretty sure I'm the person you're looking for..." he takes a seat next to her, signaling for the bartender to bring two drinks.

Yaya's on stuck mode, unable to move her body. "Is he really talking to me!?" she ask herself, trying to play it smooth. "What do I say?! What do I say?!" she screams inside. No one as sexy and handsome as him has every been this close to her, let alone said more than 5 words to her.

She adjust her glasses and slowly turns her head in his direction but he disappeared. Her eyes widen.

"What the--" she jumps out of her seat, blinking several times, wondering if she was imagining talking to him.

"I told you were looking for me..." he whispers in her ears, nearly startling her to death.

Yaya let out a little screech, almost losing her balance but she felt an arm wrap around her waist. The Smooth Operator. She looks up to find his face inches away from hers.

"Wow..." she sighs, "he looks better up close..." her throat goes dry. "Is he really holding me?!" her heart beat faster, as she stares into his brown eyes. Something about them got her captivated. His seductive smile got her weak in the knees and she isn't sure if she'll be able to stand up straight.

The loud music snaps her back into her senses, as she quickly pulls away from Mr. Smooth Operator. "Don't fall for him, Yaya..." she tells herself.

"Sorry about that," she redeem herself, quickly taking a seat, ignoring him, "And I wasn't looking for you."

He takes a seat next to her once again, chuckling. "Yes you were. You panicked once I disappeared." he raise an eyebrow at her, smirking.

Yaya adjust her glasses, realizing she just got caught. "Okay... Okay..." she sigh loudly, sipping the rest of her martini, "Yes I have." she whispers, feeling like a stalker.

The bartender brings the two drink for Mr. Smooth Operator.

"Here," he hands one to Yaya, drink this instead of your usual apple martini.

"What is it?" Yaya looked at it in disgust, "Wait-- how did you know I always get an apple martini?" she ask curiously.

"Look--just like you, I noticed you have been coming here for a while now. You sit by yourself, ordered your apple martini. Then you watch me as I mingle with the women. AND when 12:30 rolls around, you pay and leave."

Yaya's jaw dropped in disbelief. Startled by his observation of her. He has been paying attention to everything inside the lounge. She's speechless.

"What-- how--" she couldn't wrap her head around it.

"I'm Nadech--" he smiles seductively. The type of smile that can melt a woman's heart.

"Uh..." Yaya stutters, "Yaya." she says.

"Yaya?" his eyes widen.

"Yes, Yaya."

"Beautiful name for such a..." Nadech inhales deeply, "a unique woman."

"Unique woman?" Yaya says to herself, "is that suppose to be compliment or an insult?!"

"Thanks..?" Yaya says to him, "Is there a reason why you're talking to me?" she stares him down.

"A reason?" he shakes his head, chuckling, "I have to have a reason to talk to you now?"

"No-- I mean, what's the purpose of this conversation between you and I? There are plenty of beautiful women in this room and I--of course-- don't fall into that category. So you can move--"

He sighs, "okay, you're definitely right." he grabs his drink, getting ready to walk away.

"OMG..." she shouts in her head. She couldn't believe her ears, he is agreeing with her! Her cheeks begin to turn red. She was speechless again. How could he?

"One more thing Yaya--" He sips his drink, "You gotta stop playing hard to get when you're already hard to want."

Yaya's jaw dropped in horror. She didn't know what to say. His words stabbed her in the heart. He's a bigger douche than she imagine. She could feel the tears begin to well up so she quickly gets up to leave. She couldn't stand being here anymore.

As she walks out the door, Mr. Smooth Operator wasted no time getting busy with the ladies.

"You are the biggest jerk alive..." she cursed under her breath and walk out with her head up held high.


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Love it can't wait for more... Wanna now what going to happen next....


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Wow the first 2 chapter is amazing! Its so interesting. I can't wait to read more.

By the way, I like the way you write. Keep up the good work!


Mama Noy ♥️
Thanks for the update! Nadech is sucha jerk lol
Thanks for reading. I like jerk characters. lol

Love it can't wait for more... Wanna now what going to happen next....
Thanks for reading. I'm writing the 3rd chapter right now so i'll post it up soon.

Wow the first 2 chapter is amazing! Its so interesting. I can't wait to read more.

By the way, I like the way you write. Keep up the good work!
Awww thanks for reading! I'll try to update as fast as possible! :D


ohitsnoyyy!! i missed you FFs!!

man Nadech is such an A$$hole but LOVE HIM :loool: love jerky characters then when love hits them BAM! their sweetheart lol.


Mama Noy ♥️
ohitsnoyyy!! i missed you FFs!!

man Nadech is such an A$$hole but LOVE HIM :loool: love jerky characters then when love hits them BAM! their sweetheart lol.
Aww thanks Katerine :D You can call me Noy for short! :) Jerk characters always make the best characters! haha


Aww thanks Katerine :D You can call me Noy for short! :) Jerk characters always make the best characters! haha
You can call me Kat if you like ka ^_^

i'm like stalking this thread now :loool:

i know jerk characters are the best especially when the girl is like there polar opposite like i'm reading yaya is.
when i read a book i like how sometime (even to my annoyence lol) the jerk can get even jerkier b/c their in love but don't understand the feelings but then chick leaves and their like "Shit, i love her." and try to when the girl but she's got bangs of confidence now and like "No, you got to earn it." :loool:

Opps sorry i just ranted on and on i got excited :loool:


Mama Noy ♥️
You can call me Kat if you like ka ^_^

i'm like stalking this thread now :loool:

i know jerk characters are the best especially when the girl is like there polar opposite like i'm reading yaya is.
when i read a book i like how sometime (even to my annoyence lol) the jerk can get even jerkier b/c their in love but don't understand the feelings but then chick leaves and their like "Shit, i love her." and try to when the girl but she's got bangs of confidence now and like "No, you got to earn it." :loool:

Opps sorry i just ranted on and on i got excited :loool:
:loool: those are the best! I love those type of guy character. or the type where the guys are jerks, but change their player ways because their in love. :D


Mama Noy ♥️

Yaya enters the lounge once more. She told herself she wouldn't come here again, but here she is, back again. Something inside compels her to come here tonight. Maybe it was the fact that Valentine's day is near and running into her ex-boyfriend brought back memories she has been suppressing. Maybe she was hoping she'll find somebody to keep her company tonight. Whatever it was, her mind isn't at ease and she could use a drink or two.

Instead of her usual apple martini, she orders a sex on the beach. She sits quietly, staring down at her drink as she slowly stirs it. The soulful sound of Babyface plays in the background. Laughter and loud conversations lingers the air. Glass clanking with one another. There's so much going on around her. Yet Yaya can't help but feel out of place. She tunes all the noise out of her mind. She finishes her sex on the beach in a matter of seconds and ask for another. She thinks of the run-in with Noah earlier today. It replays in her mind so vividly.


"You're-- you're getting married?!" Yaya shouted with shock, "What do you mean you're getting married!?"

"Yes...and keep your voice down--" Noah told her.

Yaya felt sick to her stomach. Surely it must have been a sick prank. She must be hearing it incorrectly. Noah can't be getting married. He has a commitment phobia.

"That-- that can't be possible Noah--" her mind was in a frantic, "When we were dating-- you told me you never wanted to make a commitment like that-- And-- and now you're engaged-- about to get MARRIED??" she was speechless, "And with who?!" her heart was racing so fast. She couldn't tell if she was disappointed or sad.

"Things have changed Yaya! I'm not the same person as before. I've changed--"

"Who's the woman you're marring?" she asked sternly.

"It's..." Noah sighs heavily, "It's Cammy."

The name rung in her ears. "Cammy..." Her jaw dropped in distraught. She couldn't believe her ears. Suddenly, her chest caught fire. It can't be. It just couldn't be. He's marrying the person she loathe in the world. The woman who came in between her and Noah's relationship. The woman he cheated with behind her back.

"Cammy..." Yaya uttered, "You're going to marry Cammy? The other woman? The woman you cheated with while you we were with me...? That's your fiancee?" she felt the tears slowly forming.

"Yaya-- my god-- just let it go.. It's been 3 years already. I apologized like a million times! Just--"

"Fine whatever! Have a nice life! You jerk! I hope your marriage ends in shamble! Just like our relationship! And I hope she cheats on you like you cheated on me!!" she shouted behind her walking away with rage and disappointment.


She shakes the thought from her mind, not wanting to dwell on it about it. But a cold tear roll down the side of her cheek, reminding her of the nights she cried herself to sleep. The pain hit her hard in the chest. She quickly wipes away tears so no one can see. She adjust her glasses, trying to shake it out of her mind for good.

"Seems like you need some company."

Yaya turns her head in the direction of the voice. Sure enough it was Mr. Smooth Operator, Nadech. Suddenly surprise to see him. Surprised he even approach her again, not after after that mishap last time. But she ignores his presence.

"Sex on the beach--" he chuckles, "I see you're switching it up tonight." he takes a seat next to her.

Yaya still doesn't reply to his remarks. She isn't in the mood for company tonight. She continues on drinking, still lost in her train of thoughts.

"I haven't seen you in a while, where have you been hiding?" He ask her.

Still no answer from Yaya. Her eyes wander around the room, wondering where are his groupies at tonight.

"You know... I kinda miss having someone stalk me from a distance."

"What the--" she thought. Her eyes widen as the word stalk ring in her ears.

"I'm not a stalker! And I was not stalking you!" she turns around in rage, wondering what kind of man would say such a thing.

He flashes a half seductive grin, "I'm 100% certain you were..." he nods his head, taking a sip of his drinks.

"Asshole..." Yaya's thinking, smirking and eying him in disgust. "Never have I ever met anyone so rude..." she thought to herself.

"Why are you talking to me still?" She ask abruptly, "Where are your little groupies?" she waves a finger around the room, gesturing for him to leave.

"Ha!" he takes another sip of his drink, "Why-- they're over there" he points to his reserved table.

"Then what are you doing here with me?" She ask in confusion, "Clearly, I'm not your first choice--"

"Look--" He interrupts, "I saw you from the across the room-- and you're right, you're not the first woman of my choice but you've been coming here for the past few weeks, and I can't help but..." he looks her up and down, "I just can't help but pity you."

"Pity me?!" Yaya looks down at herself, "Why?"

Nadech chuckles, "Look at yourself--" he points at her wardrobe, "I mean--You look like a train wreck. Apparently you don't know the definition of what being a woman is... You're a cry for help!"

Yaya jumps out of her seat, "What is your problem?!" She barks at him, "What have I done to you for you to criticize me by my appearance?!" She could feel the tears slowly welling up, but she fought back.

He jugs the rest of his drink and stands up. He's standing face to face with her. Yaya could feel his breath underneath him. It reminds her of the first time they met.

"Listen-- Yaya--" he fixes his tie, inhaling a bit. She was surprised he remembered her name, "I'm being nice as possible-- I'm trying to help you--"

"By criticizing me and belittling me? How is that suppose to help me?!" She was confused.

"Let me finish--" he holds his finger up to her lips, signaling for her to hush up, "I don't know what's going on with you in your personal life but from my speculation-- it must be a boyfriend issue or relationship issues, something involving a man-- I don't know.. but what's obvious is you haven't gotten laid in who knows how long..." he smirks, staring her down.

Yaya's jaw dropped in dismay, "how dare you--"

"Look-- I'm really trying to help. I might be coming at you a bit too strong and harsh, but everybody needs tough love--" he shrugs, "You are in a desperate need of a makeover and I can't help but feel like I'm the one who should be transforming you into a real woman."

"A makeover?" her eyes widen, "I don't need a makeover! Why do I need a makeover?"

He burst into a witty chuckle, "Trust me Yaya--" he circles her, "You do. I'm sure underneath all that layer of clothing, you have a figure to show for. So why not show flaunt it?"

"Flaunt it?" she stares at him blankly, then back down to her clothing. She's layered up as if she was going on a ski trip.

"Damn..." he shakes his head, "It's like I'm talking to myself." he curse to himself. He inhales deeply, "Tell me something-- Why do you always come into this lounge?" He ask her.

"Uh... I don't know. To relax and drink, listen to the music--" She replies unsure how to answer.

"Wrong answer--" He clears his throat, putting one arm around her shoulder, "You're here because-- like the rest of the women in this lounge-- to prowl on men."

"Prowl on men...?" She raises her eyebrows.

"The majority of these women in here are hoping for find 'love' in this lounge-- It's a fact-- And you--" he looks her up and down, "you will definitely find someone-- not by the way you dress. You're a walking disaster waiting to happen," he chuckles.

She snarls at him, listening to him speak rudely to her.

"I've been observing you from the first day you came into this lounge, not a single person approach you-- not even a woman! I'm pretty sure you're not a lesbian because I know too many lesbians and you can't be one." he rambles on, "Deep down--I'm sure you're a nice woman, great personality and all that good quality--but we, men, don't see that with all this on" he points of her hideous chose of clothing.

Yaya gasps in disbelief, "So you want me to dress like a slut?"

"Not necessarily..." he shakes his head, "but men are interested in other assets, if you know what I mean..." his eyes wander to her bosoms.

Yaya looks down, realizing he's staring at her breast. She quickly covers it with her arms, "Hey, watch it!" she tells him.

"My apologizes," he smirks, "My eyes has a mind of it's own, but it isn't like I can see. You're layered up with clothes." He chuckles.

She hiss at him, thinking of what she should do. Then the image of Noah pops into her head. "What if Noah saw me looking sexy and gorgeous, would he come break off the engagement with Cammy and come back to me...?" She question herself.

"So what's it gonna be?" He cross his arm, staring at her with a half smirk, "Deal or no deal...?"

"I don't know..." she looks up to the ceiling as if the answer would appear from above, "There is somebody I want back..." she nods her head. "But..."I'm not sure..." she pushes her glasses up, staring at him wondering if he's really sincere, "What's in it for you...?" she stands up confidently with her head held high, arms crossed.

He chuckles, flashing a sincere breath-taking smile and says "Nothing." he simply replies, "Nothing at all."

Her knees tremble, hearing the sincerity in his voice made her cave in, "Then... It's a deal-- I have nothing to lose." She held out her hand to seal the deal.

Nadech smiles from ear to ear, "Then it's a deal. Meet me at the corner of Marlboro and Saks 5th tomorrow at 8 a.m. Don't be late," he demands. "Have a good evening Yaya and I'll see you tomorrow." he winks at her, turns around, and heads to his little groupie.

"8 in the morning?" Yaya's eyes widen but she doesn't fight him. She felt a ton of weight lifted off her back. She watches him from a distance as he mingles with the woman. He's a natural.

"How do you do it Mr. Smooth Operator...? How do you do it...?" She sighs heavily, unaware of the smile forming on the corner of her lips.


OMG this is getting better and better and better!!!!
when nadech suggested the makeover i was shouting DO IT!!!

err yaya's ex is an ass she better with out him!!

i'm gonna love seeing Nadech's face once the make over is done and i bet that when he starts falling for her :coverlaf:

another type for story i love Noy! Makeovers with Jerky dudes hahaha!