sarNie Hatchling
I cannot wait for their ninth album, I'm so excited for their new songs!! Though it sadden's me that Minwoo will be leaving for his military time afterwards. (As far as I've read)


sarNie Adult
I didn't know that Minwoo was going to the military as well...the last I heard was that Eric was going.


I can't wait for the reunion. Our last member (with Hyesung exempted) Minwoo will be back in 2012!
Cannot wait for Eric to return this Fall. It's going to be the biggest comeback of all. Shinhwa ftw!


sarNie Egg
I love shinhwa since 2002, sow addicted bout them till now, mostly i bought their original cd & dvd. i like all their alb, but for personal member alb i just collecting Sungi & Minnu oppa alb :D

I hope when they together again, they can realease new alb a.s.a.p ;)


15th anniversary coming soon!! Time is flying by so fast, I feel like their 14th anniversary was just yesterday.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Y'all, I can't believe Eric is married now. ShinHwa was my first love, aside from H.O.T. I swear they were just babies not too long ago. Time sure does fly. Now they're getting married. Well, still waiting on the other 6 members. I'm so happy for Eric, really. I still hope to see them onstage in person one day. As much as I love BTS, if ShinHwa was to hold a concert here in the states during the same time as BTS, I would go see ShinHwa in a heartbeat. I've already seen BTS in person. Upfront and personal. ShinHwa is a once in a lifetime kind of deal. lol