Seven Unforrunate Lifetimes All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse


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I rarely read books in written in first person but this one I have thrice. This should have really been written in third person but I held on because I absolutely love Chu Kong. Sadly it is written in the pov of the female character Xiang Zi (I always forget her name- another reason why I dislike first person). She had the least amount of character development and you would expect much more since everything is under her perspective.

China has adapted so many of novels and I am truly shock this one has yet been picked.

I cannot stress on how much I love the male lead character. I loved all 7 of his incarnation. I cried in his first, second and seventh lifetime.
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lol I randomly decided to come check the Chinese thread and saw this. i read this novel a while back too, and I absolutely love it. It's actually very good and funny. I came across this novel again yesterday. And yeah, I'm gonna go read it again for the third time. LOL