[Scary/Weird Dreams] what does it mean?

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by pangiaxiong, May 3, 2012.

  1. pangiaxiong

    pangiaxiong sarNie Adult

    Lately I've been dreaming a lot about babies. Once I dreamed that I hit a babie b/c it was annoying me. I asked my mom and she said that babie are sickness. Ok so what does me slapping it mean then?

    There was another dream.... now this dream is really scary because I really felt it (outside of my dream). I dreamed that I was in the bathroom, suddenly the door closed on me, the light was off and this pressure was on my left arm. Someone was holding my arm really tightly, and yet pulling me/ stopping me from opening the door. I screamed and shouted at the top of my lungs, but no sound came out. Then I heard my sister shouting for me to ask what the thing wanted. I begged the thing to let me go and whatever it wanted I'll provide. I cried and cried and finally it let me go, the door suddenly opened and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran downstairs and just in time when my parent came room from wherever they went, I told them that there was a ghost in the house, I pulled my sleeve back, there it was, a black hand printed on my arm.

    I woke up and can still felt the pressure of that thing holding my arm...it seem so real I was near crying. I know dream are just dream, but this seem so real. I've never been this scare before, well except this other time when I was sleeping and heard an old lady calling my name. Now I actually cried, b/c I heard the voice near my ears and the pressure of her hand around my neck. I'm not kidding.

    Some other dreams that I thought was weird was whenever I dreamed about "BUSES".

    My first dream about Bus: I was going on a trip and getting all excited b/c I don't usually travel a lot. I remember that my bus will leave at 4pm. Before leaving, my sister and her friend was crying b/c they'll miss me and I told them not to miss me since I'm just going to go for a short time. I left the house and ran to the bus station. When I got there, there wasn't any buses there. I was confused b/c I was on time but my bus was nowhere to be found. I asked a lady at the station, and she told me that the my bus left already, but it'll be back in 2 days, and then I could come back.
    -really weird huh? My mom told me that once she almost got into a airplane with my grandmother was passed away a few years ago. My grandmother was telling her to hurry up before the airplane leave her behind, but my mother was scared of the plane and hesitated getting on. The plane suddenly left without her. She woke up and was glad she didn't get on the plane since if she did, her spirit will go and she won't be waking up anymore.

    So I don't know if it's the same meaning for airplane and bus. But I do know that dreaming of airplane, no matter what situation is not a good sign.

    So tell me about your dream? the scary and weird one :DDD
  2. crazymaybelle

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    sometimes it's either u think too much or eat too much when you go to sleep or u have stress...or it's either there's really ghost in ur house, mostly the ghost that died b/c of car accident, they'll never go away from their house that they lived before they died...or it's either, i'm not trying to offense u, but i hope u'll understand me, maybe ur parent might do something wrong to someone or ur grandparents and they dislike it....but most of the time is u think too much....so don't be scare nah...i'm sure ur very healthy...

    u remind me of my dream, that they came and marry me in my house which i'm living right now...i woke up and after two days, i told my parent about it, so they did some religious thing to me..b.c in my culture, if u dream ur going to marry or they come to marry u then sometimes it means they'll come take you...or anything about marriage then it results as death...so as one of my brother-in-law, he just passed away recently because of car accidents, but before he died, he have a bad/scary dream, but he didn't tell my sister and later he died...and also his auntie that lived somewhere not near them, came and tell my sister that she dreamt that some people wearing shining clothes walk near the bridge and she ask them where they're going and they reply back that they come to marry, and that bridge was the same bridge that near my brother-in-law's death place....

    two days ago or three, i dreamt that i was about to carry a baby and now i'm having allergies....lol...
  3. pinkdisney32

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    Your dreams are so scary. I'm like getting goosebumps right now.

    OMG! My aunt had a dream that someone came to my house to marry me. She told my mom and asked one of my cousins to "ua neeb" for me. I asked my mom why she had to do that. She said that you can't dream about those things or else they're going to take you away. Scary!

    I'm like so stressed about school that almost every time I dream it's about school. I really need a break.
  4. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

    Hey just to let you know just pray and everythings will be fine :) god will guide you thru.
    i have always had weird dreams. Recently i had a dream about a meka girl telling me about how she died and wanted me to help her to find her family it happend couple times and i have no ideal who are those people. Dreams about my mother in laws father and mother that theyre hungry. Some lady told my mom that when i get older imma be one of thos shaman? people thats why spirits keep coming after me but i believe in God i go to church i cant be doing no shaman stuff :)
    God has been so good to me/family and im truly thank him for that.
  5. bakaPX

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    If I'm correct, as long as you're supposed to be a shaman, the Shaman dab won't care. They'll just keep on bothering you till you become a shaman. But usually if you're supposed to become a shaman, you get really sick. Maybe you just have a strong aura. xD

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