ScArY!!!!!!! Global Warming


sarNie Adult
hmm i think we are killing tha ozone layer big time buh by what we learnt at skool we cant stop whats happening only slow it down or something its scary but if we dont work together then nothing can help the world and our future family buh i aint no nature freak


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LOL..i just spent over two weeks in chemistry learning about what causes global warming. NO MORE CARS........not!! GOSH..cant live w/o cars..but umm yeah..


um well if u don't want it to increase at a faster rate, stop using hairspray and the a/c. but i can't stop using the a/c! hairspray... i don't really use it.


global warming started since the industrial revolution, it's getting worst with the demand of fuel. people complain about the high gas price... maybe now people can stop bitching and whining about the government not drilling for more oil..

humans never reliaze self destructions until it's knocking at their door


that is nicely stated Natty!!!! and I agree with everything that u said!!!!!!!


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Actually I remember last year or the year before .. wait I was still in high school .. where they said the ozone layer can actually repair itself ... but thats if we put our efforts into it also... one person can't save the ozone layer alone LOL ...