Sara Malakool


Wanna-Be เจ้าชู้
Thanks Nong Sai...

This was what I was talking about... Paul is a lucky bastard.

But I would still take Noon Woranuch.


sarNie Adult
Is this the Sara who dates Paul (this guy)? She's too pretty for him...if the answer is "yes". Sorry...not a fan of him.


sarNie Hatchling
Paul who? picture anyone? I don't think her body is that hot. Now if she does some crunches and tighten her abs then maybe. Sorry didn't mean to offend anyone.


sarNie Juvenile
no, this isn't the same sara that paul is dating. Though they have similar features.

and fool, she has a really good hour glass figure, with no love handles either.

Man, if I have those abs...