Saddest Lakorn Ever!


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I can't remember if I had made a list for this topic, but here goes the saddest drama okay not the saddest but made me teary:

In no particular order: title with .... meaning I forgot the title, will fix after.

Mae Ai Sae Ean I cried so much in this lakorn.
Ban Sai Thong Teary, it was sad enough to make me feel pity for all the casts character.
Neung Ruthai You need to have a box of tissue ready.
Dao Pra Sook Cried so much what nang ek went through.
Pee Chai So sweet.
Oum Ruk His love made me so teary.
Ruk Nai Roy Kaen Too sad.
Ruk Tur Took Wun Like I said Ken's love made me teary.
Luerd Kattiya Never forgave Princess Dala. Her people should understand if it was a great nation like Anothai have mentioned, they would have accepted the fact that their Princess was in love. Anothai was just amazing, his love for Dala and his devotion for his country.
Leh Pummareh Pummareh deserved to die in the end. It was just too depressing to see them sisters who loved each other break apart. I guess love do make you go blind. No one had a happy ending.
Song Rao Nirundun Sad from the beginning to end. Just so sad that both of them died.
Cheevit Pua Kah Hua Jai Puer Ter Made me teary.
Khun La Lhok I just wanted to cry!
Koo Gum 1 & 2 All version made me cry the hell out. Tear jerking. So sad how Kobari dies and then the second part made me cry even more. Kobari is someone that I wish to marry. He is just too sweet.
Kep Pan Din Teary!
Maung Dala Cried my eyes out!
Mamia No happy ending. I pity both of them.
Hima Tai Pra Jun It was sad to see Film die. Only good casting was Film and Pat.
Kasanaka Noon made me mad but in the end I pity New and Noon. It was so sad at the end, I just wish for them to be together their next life.
Pee Kaew Nang Hong He was so mean to her and it was just all too sad to watch.
There are more and I will add.
Win Marn Din Two love story that got to my heart, though I didn't like Kade and Bee Namthip too much. Tang and Pim Zaza were just too cute. Pim, I loved her character and she could make me cry, laugh and happy all at the same time. Though it did have a happy ending, overall it was just too emotionally sad.

Just wanted to add onto my list.


i remember crying liek heck a couple years back when i first saw kom bori.which starr num. and benz


same here, watch kou kum like 5 years ago and it's soo sad. i've just borrow kou kum 2 and it's as sad as the first one. it's sad to see all the old ones and your love one die.


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Lakorn wise I think it would have to be Blaa Bua Tong and Leud Kittaya and koo gum the one with benz and num. For movies my all time and will always remain my #1 tear jerker ever would have to be คำมั่นสั��า-Promise..Starring Jintara Sookkapat Santisuk Promsiri...Such a classic..I love Jintara she's gorgeous..I cried when I was small and over 10 years later I still cry. Everytime I watch it I always have high hopes that the ending will change lol but it never does! Gosh and Santisuk looked so good in that movie! Here's a cover of it.

Also Koo Gum with Jintara too. I think her's was before Birds version. I always hope for a happy ending in that one too! Not to mention the P'ek wasnt that bad looking either! :loool:
omg .. that movie. yup. she's so good at her acting .. i love JINTARA .. this is a sad movie as well.
i love her in KOOGUM, the movie, MAN, the p'ek there is good looking ..
but as he age. he's out the window for me :p i still respect his acting though :loool:

actually i love ALL KOOGUM P'EK's even the SON .. POL & DAN version. muahah. i watch too many version of KOOGUM :p


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i remember crying a lot when i was young and watched "Jomnar promlikhet" starring Dodo and Ann was strange cause it was not a sad lakorn,but i think it's because i'm Monrudee"s fan and in this one she has a supporting role. :(
"Roup phip sasseut" starring Likit was also a tear jerker for me...


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The saddest lakorns for me are Wimarn Sai, Ratnakara, KooKum, Klien Kaow Klang Jai, DowPrasook, and a lakorn about a guy who dies in a motorcycle crash and comes back as a ghost to help his little brother, I don't know the title!