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    I was wondering if anyone can help sub this lakorn!~ :) I really want to see it, but sadly... I don't know Thai... ;____;


    Broadcast period: July 25, 2012 - September 11, 2012


    -Mos Patiparn Pataweekarn as Policeman Thummo
    -Ornjira Larmwilai (Pang) as Keaw
    -Pei Panward Hemanee as Yong´s older sister
    -Tono Pakin Kumwilaisuk as Yong
    -View Wannarot Sontichai as Doctor Wartsana
    -Erk Butsakon Tantiphana as Policewoman Penporn
    -Ball Vittavat Singlumpong as Jumroen
    -Man Supakit Tuntatsawat as Policeman Danai


    Kaew (Pang) and Penporn(Erk)’s parents were killed by this bastard when they were a little. After Kaew's escape, she was trained by one of her dad’s best friend. Kaew became an awesome fighter and headed back to her village when she grows up. Kaew made up as a man and becomes Nang Singh with a red mask when she takes action for the revenge and helps the police.
    Thummo (Mos) is a police officer sent down to the same village for a mission. He is in charge of arresting Nang Singh and become friend of Kaew meanwhile. What's more, Kaew finds herself loving Thummo.
    Penporn became a policewoman and was back to the village too. When she found Nang Singh is Kaew, they reunited and revenge together. She loves Kaew too...
    Right now that bastard is still the “star” of the village. He has a daughter - Wartsana (Vill/View),who doesn't wanna to be a bad person as his father, so she becomes a doctor.
    Yong and his daddy and sister (Pei)runs a little restaurant in the village. He finds Kaew's secret and helps her. Although Yong is clumsy in fighting, he still does what he can do becoz he wanna do something meaningful to identify that he is a strong person that is qualified to love Wartsana. Yong helps Kaew and fights with his rival in love--Jumroen (Ball).

    Credit- wiki.asianfuse
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    i probably enjoyed nang singh sabat chor more than the average. this is the only ch5 lakorn i've watched this year. i have a thing for disguise hero story lines. and mos have always been special to me. even the unhappy ending was satisfying. i would recommend someone to sub this too. i still listen to the ost nonstop.
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    If I have time. I'll take a look at this series someday. :)

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