Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies


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all request for song or comment ,thank you, question , suggestion blah blah post here and links goes in DL Post


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Can anyone hook up Pichenda - Kolap Krhom (red rose) and Chanam Mon (Last year)?

Thanx in advance! ^_^


sarNie Egg
Does anyone have Pich Sophea's old song called "Leang jet Aouy jrash"? I've been looking everywhere for it. thank you.


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Hiya, my Khmer peep!

Anyone has the one song sang by Daout Sreynich called "One Miss Call" or "Miss Call"? Something along that line. It's a slow song. I really like that song.

Sorry about not spelling her name right. I'm not good with spelling words in Khmer, but I'm sure you all have heard of her songs are know who she is.


sarNie Hatchling
can someone upload the song Anna sang in SSB Volume 15? I don't know the title but it's a Thai song sang by Ae (Jame's girlfriend)


sarNie Egg
does anyone have RHM 269... if you do can you upload it for me please.... thanks in advance!!!!


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can someone upload the song "sneah pikirt sneah " sang by nop bayareth DVD RHM vol 56 track 15 , please thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Does anyone know who sang the song in the movie MARs? IF u do, can u please upload it? Thanx


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Hey guys my next upload is going to be RHM 246, then I'm just going to start to upload old cd's that I have been having for awhile...ok...


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Hey I just uploaded a couple of songs in the DL section


sarNie Elites
Can someone upload RHM new CDs vol. 272-275? Thanks in advance

Twinky, do you have those CDs?
Sorry I don't have them yet..I haven't have the time to go to my video store to purchase them..maybe sometime next week because right now I'm really busy with work and school


sarNie Elites
does anyone have this song called "Kom Tweu yaung ning" by a singer named Ouk Volik Theavy. i heard this one gurl sing it on ctn in the youth challenge. the song is a gurls version of the preap sovat song "prayok jok cheam" i rele like this song