request for summary of chakrit's and noon's lakorn


sarNie Juvenile
I kinda wanted to watch this lakorn too, but I don't know what it is about. So, yeah...could someone post a summary. Thanks.


sarNie Adult
o shooo....i saw this a while back and i dont think i remember much.

Lets see....uhh....Noon lives in a village where her and her brother are like the "leaders" and in that village....they make/weave clothes the old traditional way....with the the manual machine and all. And Chakrit comes from a family in the cloth/fabric business. Anywho...chakrit goes to noon's village and sees their beautiful cloths and obviously the beautiful Noon. So he falls for her but she doesnt really like him cause she's got this other guy. But he constantly goes over and visit anyways. Urmm...well....Chakrit's mother really likes noon and them's cloths and drama starts because it's like competition, right? anyways....later on his mother eventually gets noon to go make cloths for them. Im sorry....cant remember much....but stuff happens and with Chakrit constantly going to the village....him and noon starts to become good friends and eventually lovers. And then...turns out that Noon's "other guy" i mentioned before was helping out the bad guy, who is his uncle. The "other guy" does bad things....such as drives Noon's brother to his death. So after noon's brother dies...Noon holds a grudge against the guy. Chakrit's always there to help protect her, of course. O yes...and there's always the nang'rai. Correct me if im wrong...but i believe Chakrit was forced to marry or at least get engaged to the nang'rai due to blackmail from his mother about Noon's village and small company that's starting up. Anywho...uhh...i forgot why but at the end...Noon goes and hide away in a poor village and lives there for a while with her two servants. And no one knows where she is....not even Chakrit. So while Chakrit is looking for her and all.....turns out...she's pregnant! With his baby of course. And since they're living in a poor village...they soon run out of resources (money and such) so noon decides to sell some of her very special handmade cloths. Turns out...the dude who bought the cloths from her sold them to chakrit's mother or something. and when chakrit saw the cloth, he knew that it had to be noon's. He demands to know where the dude got the cloth from and he tells him that he got it from this chick from this village. (o this time...i believe she already gave birth) So he goes but doesnt see her at first. And I also forgot why (forgive me) but back at the village....noon and/or her servants did something wrong and got caught by the cops. They put noon and them in jail but noon begs to go ....urmm.....i believe....get help or something. ( memory sucks) And then....when she goes back...she meets chakrit and they reunit. And then outta nowhere...the bad guy comes and they fight and all. The bad guy is finally killed off and noon and krit goes back to the jail to release her servants and chakrit finally meets his baby. At the end....he returns her cloth she sold to away. Hrmm....forgot how the actual ending went.

O gosh....Im sooo sorry explanation totally sucked cause i forgot bunches of things about that lakorn. And for some parts...I may even be wrong. lol. So someone correct me if i got any of them stuff wrong. I just thought i'd help out since no one would. Gimme credit for But i really liked this lakorn so i recommend you watch it for yourself if you havent already. It's really pretty too. i love how they have those decorations.