request a summary of aom and mos's old lakorn

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  1. jenn

    jenn sarNie Egg

    does anyone know what da lakorn is about? sorry i dont know da title but its really old. i want to know if i should watch it or not...thank u in advance ^^
  2. Bou

    Bou sarNie Adult

    i think its called poochai huajai mai pae ....i dunno wat the storyline is but i think this is the one ..sorry
  3. Joecy66

    Joecy66 sarNie Egg

    was on air Ch.5 from July 1998 til September,
    mos had to go to Hong Kong, but don`t remember, have to check.
  4. untinnu

    untinnu sarNie Adult

    it's called look poochai hua jai mai pae


    go to aom's lakorn section. .

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