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Young and Dangerous-Part 01 1996 Thai audio sound w/Eng sub.

Cast: Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Jerry Lamb, Francis Ng, Ng Chi Hung, Gigi Lai, Michael Tse, Spencer Lam, Jason Chu, Chan Sau Yue, Shing Fui On, Simon Yam

Story: A group of five youths get involved in the Triad working for a man named Brother Bee. 10 years later they are well placed in the triad and still working for Brother Bee who has gone up in the ranks. The 5 rascals are ordered to kill another member of the Triad called Ba-Bai. They succeed they mission with ease but this act has made Ugly Kwan (Francis Ng) very angry, this does not help as Kwan does not like Brother Bee since they were young. Ugly Kwan will manipulate his was to become leader of the Triad Society, after that he will cause trouble from Brother Bee and his men who must find a way to fight back .
Five young hoodlums (led by the pretty but slight Dior Cheng) sing karaoke, murder, joke around, get beaten up, win and lose women, and learn the value of blind loyalty.
Young and Dangerous is the first film in a long series based on a comic book. It is a complicated tale featuring dozens of characters. Basically though, it is the story of a group of boys who grow up, love and die as triad members.

Episode 01:
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Full House
Korean drama series from TV Channel7.
Thai sound, no subtitle

Han Ji Eun – Song Hye Kyo
Lee Young Jae – Jung Ji Hoon (Bi)
Kang Hae Won – Han Eun Jung
Yoo Min Hyuk – Kim Sung Soo

After coming back from a trip to China that her friends paid for, Han Ji Eun finds out that they did so only to sell her house while she was away. She returns and finds that the new owner of the house is none other than famous actor Lee Young Jae, whom she happened to meet on her trip. Circumstances bring Young Jae and Ji Eun into a marriage by contract, making them appear as a couple to the public. Under the terms of the contract, they will be married for 6 months while Ji Eun does all the housework. After 6 months, she will get the house back. Ji Eun finds herself falling for Young Jae, but he loves his childhood friend, Hae Won. Young Jae’s friend, Min Hyuk, also shows an interest in Ji Eun. Many interesting and amusing things happen to this “couple� throughout their married life that bring them closer together, but will they really become a couple?
Han Ji Eun - Song Hye Kyo
She appears to be weak, but she won’t let herself get picked on. Even though she fights with Young Jae all the time, she can’t help but be touched by his obscure kindness. However, she knows that he loves Hae Won and finds it harder and harder to live as his “wife� under such circumstances.

Lee Young Jae – Jung Ji Hoon (Bi)
A popular rising actor in Korea, Young Jae marries Ji Eun because of rumors of his sexuality. Although Young Jae appears to be rough and is mean to Ji Eun, he actually does care about her. He has always liked his childhood friend Hae Won, but he seems to be quite possessive about Ji Eun sometimes.

Episode 01









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