Rachatayad(The Crown Prince)


sarNie Hatchling
Hey guys, this is my Fanfiction that I will be writing. Updates will be on the Weekend because I'm busy with school. As of right now I will post the characters of the Story. Hopefully everyone will like my fanfiction, if there's mistake or anything I need to improve on, tell me.

Tik Jesdaporn- Prince Suraiwin or Colonel Garim
Nadech- Younger Prince Suraiwin
Ken Theeradeth- Prince Chawee
JamesMa- Younger Crown Prince Chawee
Aff Taksaorn- Jao Ying Nuengdara
Mew Nittha- Young Nuengdara
Cherry Khemupsorn- Haruthai
Kimberly- Young Haruthai
Jui Warattya- Jao Ying Tasanee
Nok Chatchai- King Vasuthep
Mew Lalita- Queen Inthra
Mam Jintara- Queen Junlawee
Johnny Anfone- Colonel Sintorn
Au Thanakorn- Colonel Rachit
Tu Noppon- General Musakhat
Chai Chartayodom- Captain Decha
Pip Rawit- Colonel Krabin


sarNie Adult
Wow! I like the cast already! I'll be looking out for this! Su su! (i hope I got that right. That's the Thai equivalent of Ganbatte/Fighting/Go! Right?)


sarNie Hatchling
Within the Country of Huefarah...there will only be one kingdom....one King...But what happen when there are two prince? One born with hate while one is born with respect and honor. Two blooded brothers...only one of them will be crown prince and soon to be given the throne as King...while the other one, will have to sacrifice his throne and protect his own country.
Rachatayad, a powerful love story that will bring tears to everyone...a story that shows the truth meaning of having to sacrifices the things you love and belong to you in life. Without sacrifice...the higher your position is...the colder your life will be. Being a King mean nothing until you...are one yourself.

Updates on Ch1- Weekend or Friday
Update- Friday - Saturday
How Many Chapters- Unknown ATM
Genre- Drama, Period, Thrill,Mysterious and Love
Plot- Huefarah Kingdom
Main Characters- Prince Suraiwin (Garim)|Prince Chawee|Haruthai|Jao Ying Nuengdara