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Please check out the Wiki page for more information. I just wanted to create this thread for PDx101 content so it doesn't overflow into other threads.
Feel free to share anything related to the program/show.

Let's respect everyone's opinion and bias'.​


I haven't made a thread in so long. Ha!
I'm following this show because I've become fans of some of the trainees from other survival shows. I just hope that 1-2 of my picks make it to the final lineup.

Anyway, Episode 3 just aired Friday (KR time) and it's the first group battles.
I came across the performance of the LOVE SHOT team... oh my word.

cr: Mnet YT

I love this choreography already and the fact that some of my faves are in this group is (dee mak mak).

First, Lee Hangyul! The first one to do the intro. He's a great dancer and his vocals are smooth and deep.
Center is Kim Woo Seok. He's very charismatic and has an intense gaze! (up10tion member)
and Cho Seungyoun!! The naked chest blue suit boy! Omgah. (Uniq member) Originally a rapper but is a main vocal here. Can y'all hear the high notes?!