Praw Kanitkul Nestbud


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So I was in Thailand for the past few months and there I found out that one of the girls from an old band (X3 supergang) that I listened quite avidly as a youngster has kept singing. I had been following the career of Ann Thitima for years but I always thought the other girl in the group quit singing. I asked for some links from the guys in the office and was pleasantly surprised as I enjoyed listening to a lot of these songs. Its similar style to Ann in the fact that its easy listening. Yea I guess I'm becoming more of an old fart everyday! Just wanted to share some of these as I dig them ;)

She had a decent hit not long ago too!


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I just recently found her from OST Rak Patiharn (the second video) hehe. She is cute (I think she resembles one of the famous young Indonesian actress) and I like her voice too. Thanks anyway for sharing the videos. :) I don't know her name actually so I've no idea where to find her other songs.


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This was back in the days (over 10 years old!). Back when I was in highschool haha.

This one stars Preaw

Here's a classic x3 song with Ann. Brings back alot of memories just listening to this.


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I grew up more in the raptor days.. and I was a little kid but.. I think my cousin were into Super Gang and such back then.. so I remember her a teeny bit... I can't believe that this is her... because I've been listening to those songs yet I didn't know that it was Praw.. lol..