FF Writer!! Love it!
Well as u can see I get on AF quiet a lot and I've been noticing a lot of negativity lately and i don't really want to point out which ones specifically because i don't remember. But just to say lets keep this place a positive place and not create fan wars on AF and keep it a positive place like it use to. I've been here through the pass 2 years maybe and I have never saw anything negative on here until this year. Or maybe its just me?? HAha well i'm being serous some ppl actually don't like the negativity here, like me but i tend to ignore it and i'm sure a lot of ppl don't like the bashing and the hating either so can we keep this forum an positive place??? I will hate to see this forum becoming a hater forum which was not made for those purposes. I guess what i'm trying to say is this forum really doesn't need the negativity, the hating and the bashing i guess thats what im trying to say. I respect everyone opinions and i understand. But can we really not make this place into more of a positive place?? Please everyone lets stop the negativity!! Also please don't make a topic that will cause any problems either, i think were all smart enough to know which topics will create problems!!! So i'm asking please everyone please lets all get along and stop the negativity that has been flowing in the air!!!! :numchuck: :numchuck: :dance1: