ploy cherman in new york city!


sarNie Juvenile
yea.. shes totally cute! i wanna visit the states too

but i didnt know Noon speak fluent english...


sarNie Juvenile
Aw man! If I knew I would have went! It says something there about Woodbury Outlet...Doesanyone know what it's saying? I live an hour away from Woodbury Outlet, and about 2 hours away from the city. In fact I'm planning to go to the city next weekend for my sister's birthday, planning to go to Chinatown and scope out fake designer bags! LOL!!
OMG!!!!! i just got back from new york city a few months ago!!! i saw all the places...trump tower, etc...wonder if she went shopping there...i wonder if anyone there knew who she is...:D i wish i waited to go now instead of a few months ago...:(


sarNie Adult
_sai, you don't live in the States? how about thai-lakorn-fan-forever?N.Y. is pretty cool athough the city is a hectic cuz of the traffic and all. it's only a 2 hr ride from where i live.
you're so lucky you live 2 hours from nyc, Puppylov! :) i live all the way in los angeles, calfornia...but i've visited new york twice...i love it! :)