Ploy Cherman and Navin Tar relationship officially over


sarNie Tombstone
Ploy Officially announce her break up with Nawin Tar 
she mention don't ask why do they ended their relationship its something personal between two people 
but she did state a reason that their status didn't work out its the time management that Ploy herself is very busy with work no time to spend with P'Tar 
and there are families issues from both side 
credit to catmatdz3
Source: Ploy IG 


sarNie Egg
oh i heard .... ahhhh they were such a cute couple!!!! but she seems to be handling it very well.... :)


sarNie Tombstone
there must be so many problem causing them to break up one of them is families from both side


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They were compatible together despite their differences. And cute in a way, if not the cutest celebrity couple. Tar was a good balance for Ploy. Yet, I'm not surprised they broke up. They'll find love again with other people, if not with each other. :)


sarNie Tombstone
Ploy she's lucky in everything but she's unlucky in love