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  1. sw33t09

    sw33t09 sarNie Egg

    Any one hav the Lyrics of PLIK DIN SUE DOW.....thx!
  2. Sophie

    Sophie sarNie Elites

    which one you want ? I'll make it for you =)
  3. yui15

    yui15 sarNie Elites

    Check in Translated Songs for Via/Pancake's song.
  4. bonkdaddy

    bonkdaddy sarNie Hatchling

    hi! check in the translated song, i translated a few songs for you

    1. jao kong chun kue ter (the owner of me is you)
    2. Yark hai ter khon jai (want you to search my heart)
    3. kwam fun, boy bin, plik din soo dai (the dream, fly, turn earth to star)

    hope you understand it na
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