Pinky Savika (MIE no. 10 December 2012)


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
Awh, her dresses are too gorgeous and cute! And the blue, velvet suit/outfit is quite nice too (although I didn't really like the velvety look of it). One of her most beautiful photo shoots ever! Really beautiful cover! Pinky looks the best in the pictures with the pink dress and green dress (when she's smiling). Except...she needs more variety in the direction of her poses. Her poses are good and cute, but she could have posed the other way more, instead of always posing from her right. Turn more from the left! :D I guess her good side is her right side. :lol2:

Ok, even though I hecka adore her dresses, there are flaws with each of them, or rather, small details that I don't really like about them. The red dress is the most normal, but the middle strap in the middle is unnecessary. The green dress's sleeve is too gigantic and would have been a little unappealing, if I didn't love the "ruffleness" look of it so much and if Pinky weren't posing so nicely and smiling so refreshingly. Her pink dress's bow is TOO big...would have been nicer and simpler without the bow. The second long, tan skirt to the lavender dress is weird and pointless, although it does work in some way... But the lavender dress would have been better without it.

Her curls are pretty (but I don't care for the wild curls too much; prefer the soft curls in most of the pictures), but a little bit more volume added would have been better! Makeup is nice and appealing, not overdone. The accessories are perfect. :wub: