Pinky, my new favorite young actress!


sarNie Elites
I just discovered her with Suparpboroot Dun din. She's gorgeous and can act. Poo, Cheer, Mo and Bee Matika to the left, to the left. And I thought I wasn't going to like any of the next generation of actresses. Oh I like Pat N and Kwan is okay.


sarNie Hatchling
hahaha pinky is one of my fav upcoming actress too. i think she is so cute and pretty and her acting is pretty good, she can protray so many characters.


sarNie Adult
I first discovered her in "Pra Boo Tong" when she was very young...recently she seemed to started on films that is related to magical powers....I would like to see her in more serious drammatic roles...she has the talent, the looks....that is my opinion...