this is actually a really good lakorn.. even if i'm not a big fan of pim.. still i was so bored one night and since sarnworld was done.. i just watched it... and i was actually pretty entertained by it... i will try to give a brief summary of the first three episodes that i have watched

part one
it starts out with pim in paris.. camcording herself in front of the eiffle tower.. she introduces herself as a model... and than it goes back to how she became a model.. but it only seems like a dream cuz she wakes up in bed. she gets dressed and leaves the house.. she sees puri in front of her house in his convertible.. pim doesn't know who he is.. he looks kinda suspicious... so she just walks away.. she gets to the college and is walking when she falls down the steps and lands on the sidewalk.. danny comes and helps her up.. she introduces herself and they get to know each other.. than yu-mi(who is ann thitima! she is one of my fave singer!) comes over and talks to pim.. they are friends.. yu-mi notices danny... he is a famous model... and part of a popular trio called '3 tape' danny, hero(puri), and pai(i forgot his name in the lakorn). yu-mi kinda has a crush on him... next scene... pim and yu-mi are at the school cafeteria cleaning the tables.. and the three 'plastics' wannabees walk up to them and talks mean to them... the biatch dares pim to go to the vdo shoot after school.. pim has a fear of cameras... when she was a little girl.. she was in a fashion show with the mean girl and the mean girl pulled her pantyhose down when pim was on people saw her red birthmark on her butt cheek and laughed at her... so ever since than she doesn't like to take pictures... pim goes home to hear people arguing in her house.. she sees her parents and torfun and her mom.. she goes in and takes torfun out to the yard to ask what was wrong. torfun is one of the models at her dad's company.... torfun told pim that her mom was mad because puri dissed her and said he didn't want to take pics with her. so torfun's mom got mad and came to yell at pim's dad. pim gets mad and wonders who this puri guy is... torfun's mom comes to get torfun and they leave.. pim is sitting there wondering what to do... when her aunt comes to her.. they sit and talk... the aunt told pim that pim should be the one that should be a model... torfun is not as pretty as pim and stuff.. but pim said she couldn't. she's scared of the camera... so the aunt told pim of this lipstick.. she said this lipstick was special.. it takes all of your fears away and gives you all the confidents you need. pim thinks her aunt is just joking and goes back inside the house. she goes to her room and sees a lipstick... she thinks her aunt is playing a trick on her... but she decides to try the lipstick on.. and right away she gains all this confident and strength.. she decides to go look for puri to tell him off and ask him why torfun wasn't good enough to be in a photo shoot with him. she goes over to the school gym and stands there while the people are setting up for the vdo shoot. the photographer asked her who she was... and why is she there.. she demanded to see puri... and the next thing you know... puri skates over on his skateboard and carries her off her feet... he than lets her down to her feet.. she yells at him and stuff.. so he was like.. didn't you want to see me? and she tells him that he is not all that and he didn't have the right to diss torfun like that... he shrugs her off... so she told him that his work is only kid's play and stuff.. so he dares her to be in the photoshoot with him and his friends... she accepts..he warns her that there is a kissing scene with him.. she just said that i'lll just think of you as a chalk board?(something along that line) and he gets mad...the mean girl is not so happy with puri's decision.. cus she was suppose to do that kissing scene with him... and danny is not so happy also... danny is the mean girl's brother.. but puri stands firm that he wants pim to try the part out.


part 2
the scene is set up so that pim stood to the left.. than danny is in the middle... than puri is on the right... the story goes that danny's character has a crush on pim.. but pim likes puri... so the photographer yells action.. and pim acts all shy and stuff... than she slowly turns to puri and goes in to kiss him on his cheeks! (i'm pretty sure it was a real kiss).. everyone is surprised that pim did it... and the photographer is pretty happy with the acting.. so he told the make up person to take pim to change her look... when pim's make up was being applied.. the make up artist wiped her lipstick off... and woosh! her confidents went down the drains! so now she is back to her old geeky self! now... they go back out to the scene and she is so nervous and doesn't know what to do... so she imagined that everyone was laughing at her... and she runs off crying... danny follows her and asked her what was wrong... the mean girl follows and talks shit to pim again.. pim ran home crying..

...i don't really remember these parts.. but i think there is a forced kiss between pim and puri... somewhere around these parts....

but overall.. pim's dad's company is falling apart because.. there are no models who want to stay with their company since phoenix(puri's adopted mom's company) is very famous... so pim is sad that her grandfather's company is become bankrupt... oh.. and also... puri comes around her house and tells her to become a model... cuz she is really pretty and she will be a great model... the story behind puri is that... his real mom used to be a model for pim's grandfather's company... and she was sick when she worked for them and died on the job? not really clear yet.. but puri is encouraged by his adopted mom to take revenge for his mom.. so he is trying to destroy pim's family... so it's weird cuz one scene puri is so mean to pim and the next he is nice to her..and lets just say he likes to touch her hands when he is giving her courage to be a model and he likes to touch her when he is mad! :p (that's my kinda man!)

part 3
so basically.. pim uses the lipstick to audition for her modeling roles. the first audition.. she does a dance for a milk commercial.. it's kinda funny.. and the next audition she goes to the phoenix company... and but she doesn't have the lipstick with her.. and she freaks out! and when the photographer tries to take her pic she runs out of the room.. puri follows her and kinda talks to her... in a bitter sweet way.. he insults her but makes her think... i think he wants her to be like his mom.... become a model and die during her job and stuff.. but pim goes back in and apologizes and asked for another try. when the photographer took her pic.. she shakes and gets scared..

that's all for now.. can't really remember much... hopefully you guys get the chance to see it... B)


sarNie Hatchling
can anyone tell me if the soundtrack to this lakorn is out yet. i luv all the songs that's in this lakorn. if anyone knows pls let me know..thanks...