Pim ZaZa


sarNie Juvenile
dont know if theres a pim zaza fan.. but if there are.. enjoy
i reckon shes one of the cuttest thai actresses



sarNie Hatchling
i use to be a big fan of hers and the group too but not really any more but she still like HOT!!!! lol.


sarNie Egg
wow these photos are great..but i think they airburshed or did something to these photos..looks spotless and kinda like a porcelain doll


sarNie Adult
ohhh she's pretty...i love this gurl..she haven't been in any lakorn lately..but i heard that there's one with Mos tho...but i wish she will be in another lakorn with TIK>..hehhehe


sarNie Hatchling
She's still one of my favorite. I don't dig the photoshoot though. I'm still waiting for two of her lakorns. when will they release it.... :(


sarNie Egg
i heard a couple of days ago that Pim Zaza is going to have a project with her ex-boyfriend Captain. Do anyone know what the project is about? a movie together? or something else?

thank you.


sarNie Egg
I love pim zaza, she's real cute and pretty. I like her acting also. But for some reason her head looks big in the photos or as if someone just glued her head to the body, making it look disproportionate. Prolly she needs to extend her neck out some more.


sarNie Hatchling
New look huh? :) Love it. Something different on her. Its always good to try something different. It really shows a different perspective on her omg. But it seems to make her look more like a office girl hehe. :D