Pictures of Mos from MN


sarNie Adult
Sorry it took us a while to write this. We had a funeral this past weekend so straight from the concert to the funeral.

On behalf of us R.U.N. Staffs, I would like to thank everyone that came out to support. Without you guys there wouldn't be a show and were all thankful that many of you guys came out. I know how a lot of you girls might have felt that night because although we were running it we felt the same thing. We werent told anything so we figure well just run it how like we planned it from the beginning but then when the show actually started there was a huge twist that none of us girls really expected to see or for it to happen. I guess you guys could say that we were as clueless as you all since we werent expecting his manager to be like how everyone saw. None of us were informed.

Sorry to those who took pictures. There was only one printer so it took forever to print. Theres only 5 staffs who are from MN and all the other staffs and partners has to fly in. You could only pray that once its being put in the plane and on its way here that when u get your hands on it it would be working.

Besides all the hectic things that happened Mos did put on a wonderful show so props to him.

Thanks again to all of you guys that supported this whole tour. Feedbacks would be awesome if you guys can go leave it on our blog so we can pass it down to the sponsor.



sarNie Adult
Lucky you got great pics of P'Mos...Most of my pics were his back cuz he keep moving around...LOL.. I had a blast at the concert and I miss him so much already! Hope to see him again!

PZE I miss you sweetie!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


sarNie Adult
hey vannie hows iy been havent seen u in forever


sarNie Egg must've been close to get those nice shots!..haha..or a NICE camera...what camera do you have???