Pat's Gallery #26

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Pat, Joon and Tah were all so helpful. I admire each and every individual for volunteering and contributing to their community. The Power 3 Club are the greatest!! Pat looks gorgeous as always. Here are the photos credit to the Power 3 Club.


Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Here's more including Go and Pang. There's more members of the Power 3 Club that participated according to the TV in the background. I couldn't find their pictures.



sarNie Coma
awww i admire them so much!..they got a kind heart..reaching out for the community constantly..thanx for sharing mara phang!


sarNie Adult
Good Job to everyone!!! i'm scared of giving blood soooo yeahhhhh.... But I think that Pat can't give any blood, she's too light hahahah


sarNie Hatchling
haha I love that picture of Go and Pat.. its so cute haalol.. I wonder what she was trying to help him out with.. haah I'm falling for Go.. aww so HOT ahhalOL!! Thanks for sharing!


Lakorn Obsesser
Pat wasn't able to give blood cuz she's under weight.Por Pat it's still nice to no that she is trying her best to help the community.Thanxs for the pixs , Mara Phang .