Pat in RS and Ch 3's "Ruam Dao 2007"


Siwon & Donghae =
guys I just found out this from a friend... Pat is going to be in Ch 3's and Rs project Album "Ruam Dao 2007" Their singing old songs from back in the 70's 80's i like it alot!! there are alot of couples like

Tack Panrayu and Pat Naprapa
Por Thrisadee and Bua Sarocha Tanjararuk
Mann Karin and Namfon Patcharin
Pock Jakrit and Ploy Chidchud
Bogie and Pui

HEREs the mv for Por and Bua's MV

Nok Khao Koo Ruk

and HEres Pat and TAck's performance

Credits goes to: T-Intermedia Forum Dream's forum, youtube

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
Thanks for sharing, Moey. I can't hardly wait for this collection. Yay!! It's nice to see Pat and Por branching out their careers. They are now multi-talented. They can act flawlessly, sing beautifully and model perfectly. :wub: I love them so much!! I really want to see Pat and Por sing together.