[OneHD] Saluk Jit (Exact - Scenario) : Num Sornram / Panpan Temfah


sarNie Adult
Noom Sornram as Pusit (Diew)
Punpun Temfah as Salakjit (Joy)
Pim Pimmada as Piangpen
Yingying Sarucha as Jaipuk
Ball Assanai as Gerg...guessing
Point Cholavit as Pongpan
Nirut Sirijunya as Puk 
Penpetch Sririkul as Juntra
Mayura Sevetsila as Phakee
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sarNie Adult
Opening Ceremony
Actor(New Update)
- Panpan Temfah as Salukjit(Joy)
- Sornram Theppitak as Phusit(Diew)
- Pim Pimmada as Piangpen
- Point Cholawit as Gerg
- Yingying Sarucha as Jaipuk
- Ball Assanai as Thaneth
- Bam Pakagunya as Gunnigar
- Ame Sothipan as Pornpoj
- Baifern Anchasa as Primprai
- Nirut Sirijunya as Jao Khun Pakdeebordin(Khun Pak)
- Penpuk Sirikul as Rumpei
- Chamailporn Jaturaputch as Rumpa
- Mayura Savethsila as Phakee
- Pimpan Chalayakup as Juntra
- Saruth Vijitranont as Tip
Guest Starring
- Captain Phutaneth as Parkpoom Pukdeebordin















sarNie Adult
They already start shooting
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Ncmeowmeow35 said:
Ooohhhh noooo, panpan looks too young for him!!!
Panpan is too young for him, she's even younger than me, only 19 and he's 23 years older. He could be her father and even mine. Is the story about a young girl who has the hots for old guy? If so, then that's the only reason I would be okay with this pairing.


♥Korean Obsessed♥
Now that I think about it, I wished that they would have casted Mos instead of Num, they may be the same age, but Mos has  more of a baby face and he's actually aging well. Thanks for the teaser Sukialen.


I still love P'Num but..............they shouldn't have him wear the glasses. He looks much older with em' on.


sarNie Oldmaid
I really like Kat and Sam's version but Kat didn't look that much younger then Sam so it was tolerable. I'm hoping it would be in this one too but after watching the teaser, not so sure.


sarNie OldFart
Panpan cries pretty well in here. Well, good luck on her studies. She'll be here at UC Berkeley after she finishes filming this lakorn this month, I believe, as an exchange student for six months.


sarNie Oldmaid
Oh, UCB is a good school but then she's a really good student, fairly bright.


sarNie Oldmaid
Punpun and Pleng were both raised so well by their mothers. I wish Pleng would play in lakorns too, that girl is gorgeous!


sarNie Hatchling
Wow...i remember being obsessed with Kat n Sam version. Was my first lakorn without any subtitle and trying hard to understand the stories.
Makes me feel old now that Num's version is coming. I like that they change into a period lakorn, the age difference is more tolerable during those days. If it was Mos or Andrew as P'ek, i think i ll go even crazier...Anyhow, this is a must watch for me for sure.