[OneHD] Nang Barp (Exact - Jaan25)


sarNie Hatchling
Anonymous95 said:
The nang'ek's name is actually Mind. I just checked her wiki and she's very pretty. She's already had two other lakorns, but I think both were unsuccessful. She's like a prettier version of Preem. :yes: I don't know how her acting is so I'll have to wait and see.  :scratchhead2: I wonder if she's going to be working with Exact now too. If so, they'll have another actress to promote as their nang'ek. :thumbup:
Honestly, her acting isn't terrible but it isn't that great either. She's a whole lot better than Preem was though when she first acted, if you ask for a comparison. Mind's able to cry and play her character as the foster mom of her late older sister's child in "Khun Chai Ruk Leh". She's pretty decent for someone totally new in the acting industry :) One thing that kind of bugs me is the way she forms her mouth when speaking. She's clearly forming it a certain way to enunciate better but the problem is, she's making it too obvious Lol otherwise I have no complaints and I feel like once this lakorn starts rolling onscreen, her popularity will rise more^^ I really am looking forward for Mind's role in here because she played 'grouchy' really well in her previous lakorn


sarNie Hatchling
Cupid Candy said:
Really not feeling Sean as P'ek. I gotta pass this one even though I liked the old version. The n'ek is hilarious and her banter with p'ek was fun to watch.
Would you happen to know where I can watch the older version? :)


sarNie Egg
I am the only one to be excited about this lakorn or not?  :wink:
Sean and Mind look fabulous together. I'm getting more excited ! Sean was great in Leh Ratree. I'm also ready to see how Weluree acts... 
From Mind's IG @mindwaratthaya 

Weluree's IG

and another IG accounts

A lot of photos about this new lakorn here : http://instagram.com/explore/tags/นางบาป/


In love with Phet Thakrit <3
Guy's in here also? awh, he should really be praek already.

But anyway, I'm excited for this lakorn. Didn't know Sean was playing as a playboy, lol. This is interesting


sarNie Hatchling
I watched the old one when i was young.This lakorn is pretty funny  and I like Kat and Sam.for this version I'm going to watch it just for Khun Sake <3
Anyone know when this larkorn is going to air?


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Yeachhhhhhhhhhh finally this drama is going to air in January  same as Puer tur So we have both Sean and Esther even in different dramas.......anyway can't wait hope they don't change it <3


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@tgamber  yes it finished filming long time ago and also had teaser for airing in 2015 but ONEHD keep delay till now
Teaser again ONEHD larkorns for 2016 include Nang barp and Puer tur but still i don't see any larkorn of Vill maybe next teaser ......and one more thing ONEHD just block LR from their YT channel haha


sarNie OldFart
Can't wait...this is a good lakorn.....wonder how they are going to change it...prob. be more dramatic