[OneHD] Fun Fueng (Exact)


sarNie Egg
YES THEY DEFINITELY LOOK ALIKE. actaully i was so in love with Ji Chang Wook, so i went to see fun fueng turns out it was such a awesome lakorn. sweetest overload for Push and Jui

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Not a bad watch, kind of boring and pointless at times but not bad. They changed so much from the old version and I'm not sure how I feel about the change. I didn't like how Athit got a n'rai for his love story but maybe it's because I miss how hilariously annoying Susie was in the old version. This Athit (don't like the name change either) and Vilai were even more annoying than Puri and Jakjann. I love how Vilai loves her boss and is so possessive of her but doesn't even bat an eye when "borrowing" her clothes, Athit is just annoyingly whiny, but I suppose Wee puts up with it because they grew up together. I would have fired such difficult and needy help but hey this is a lakorn about dreaming so why not. Jui and Push were okay, maybe it's because of the age gap I see and that's why i'm not so fin with them. Weird how the ending focused so much of Athit and Vilai and Wee and Mon were pretty much just there to narrate.