[OneHD] Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur (Exact - Scenario) : Jes Jespipat/ Mo Monchanok


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Looks like there'll be 18 episodes since it says 22-23 in the title. I don't think Rin is going to die but man they really know how to pull at fans' heartstrings in this version. :sad6: The changes they made to this remake really made Rin and Wayu's love story stronger and more tragic in my opinion. :clap::worship2:
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I like this mv. :sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6:
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According to Chinese fans, this lakorn went from the 200th spot to the 29th spot in top tv dramas in China (the list includes Chinese dramas as well). Chinese fans direct messaged Jes' manager to inform him.

cr: pmpm494

Congratulations to Jes, Mo and the whole cast and crew. :clap::clap::clap::clap::cheer::cheer::cheer::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2: The last episodes will for sure receive a lot of positive feedback from Thai viewers and Chinese fans as well. :)

^This picture is absolutely perfect. The pose, the filter, everything. :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:

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Awwwwwww. They should do a photoshoot for Honeymoon Magazine. They look like a real couple here. :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love: Plus, they're already playing a married couple in Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum haha. ><

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Today's episode was so dramatic. I loved every moment of it. This lakorn is so underrated. It's honestly one of Exact's best lakorns. Great acting, great editing, great character development, no dragging, and no unnecessary scenes. The buildup in today's episode is setting up tomorrow's finale episode to be super climactic and epic. I actually won't mind if they go with a tragic ending (where Wayu and Rin both die) because it'll be more realistic.

Just when I was getting happy the father in laws were finally getting along and Rin's father was turning good, Surasee ends up shooting him. I mean, I'm sure Thanatat wanted Surasee to kill him since he knew he would eventually die either by his condition or by the hands of Sarut. But still...it's so depressing. And I think Thanatat was the one who helped Surasee get out of jail somehow. :crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2:

Mo's crying when she saw the newspaper headline that her dad died, I got so teary eyed for her. OMG you can feel her pain.

Wayu found out that Surasee killed his parents but OMG how will he react once he finds out Surasee is actually his real father?

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Captain is an amazing actor. His dying scene was so heartbreaking.

Overall, I loved this version too. I appreciate that the director/producer explored Wayu & Rin's relationship more in depth. Surasee & Wayu being father & son was a big twist, but I assumed early on that is where this version was heading. They could have made Sarut's character less "rai." Geesh...his character completely took a 360 for the worst.

Jes & Mo...their chemistry is top notch! They compliment one another so well. Now I'm anxious to see how they'll do in intense drama, like slap & kiss, revenge type.


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Haven't had time to watch the last episode yet but I've saved a lot of posts from instagram so I'll probably be spamming this thread whenever I get the chance lol. I do wanna mention that this lakorn trended in first place for hashtags on twitter in Thailand yesterday (finale episode). It was reported by daradaily (http://www.daradaily.com/news/62198/read ). I'll also be posting a screenshot from IG whenever I'm not busy. Congratulations again to Jes, Mo, and the entire cast and crew. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:


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OMG so one of Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur's scriptwriters made this mv and posted it to youtube. He wrote about his experience in the description box and comments. He said Mo is really cute and friendly in person and that Jes is also friendly and smiles a lot. :D The thumbnail was from Jes and Mo's fitting. Man I wish they would've used this picture for the actual poster instead. Jes and Mo probably had a lot of other couple pictures too that they could've used for the poster (still mad about how plain it turned out). :BangHead: They should've at least released the official fitting pictures because it looks like Jes and Mo had a LOT of good and intimate poses. Urgh. :mad: @ceda_lee @pangiaxiong @TubbyTinker
cr: thunchanoks

Also, Jes and Mo are back! :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: From the captions on IG I think they were promoting ONE HD's sitcoms. I'm not sure what they did exactly, but I think they may have prerecorded a skit with Gun/Gam/Dome/Tum on their variety show. If not, they probably just did the live facebook streaming, but yeah I guess we'll see. I'm just so happy to see them back together so soon. I really hope they reunite in a new lakorn soon. If not in the next couple months then at least before the year ends! In a slap kiss please! :worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2: @pangiaxiong @ceda_lee @TubbyTinker

^This is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!! :aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:

^Mo looks sooooooooo gorgeous in this form fitted black dress. I want to see her and Jes in a more glamorous lakorn next where her character dresses up like this often. :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:

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From Mo's IG story:


So cute!!!!!!! :risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3: They reenacted Wayu and Rin's first meeting scene but with black ink on their teeth. They couldn't take each other seriously. XD

Here's the full facebook live stream:

Hahahaha this is so cute!!!!!! (This was from a while ago, while they were still filming this lakorn.)
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The whole ending episode had me on an emotional roller coaster. :sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6: Everyone except Sarut was so pitiful. When Rin said she wanted to go to the place where they got married and the music came on while Wayu struggled to carry her there, I was like.. :crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2: They suffered so much for their love. I'm gonna miss Wayu and Rin so much. :sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::sad6::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2: This is easily one of Exact's best lakorns in recent years. Thanks to the whole cast and crew for delivering a high quality and memorable lakorn. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:

Jes & Mo...their chemistry is top notch! They compliment one another so well. Now I'm anxious to see how they'll do in intense drama, like slap & kiss, revenge type.
Same here. I really hope they reunite soon in a slap kiss! :worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2::worship2: I'm having JesMo withdrawal! :BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::BangHead:


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Hi Ladies!! I've been quietly following this thread. I've finally finished this lakorn and just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome updates and behind the scene stories. You guys made it fun to watch the lakorn and follow along.

I am now a fan of Mo and Jes!!! Totally underrated actors. Especially Mo, she's great! This lakorn is prob one of my favs this year, the story line was good. And no dragging parts at all. I just really wished they dolled up Rin a bit more, I still feel like there were some scenes when she looked like her normal self. Other than that, great lakorn!

I'm having Mo and Jes withdraw so I'm watching their sitcom at the moment lol :p:p:p


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Holy crap I'm only on episode 11 but this drama is a total roller coaster! I go from laughing to crying to sighing with happiness to cringing with fear in an eternal round :nut: And not to mention that there's an AWESOME plot twist about every five minutes. I can usually predict what's going to happen in lakorns, but with this one I just wait to see what happens next because I really have no clue:aaaaa:

ALSO, I want to take a moment to appreciate that there's FINALLY a pra'ek who ISN'T a total coward!!!! Because Wayu actually TELLS Rin that he's a hit-man instead of the usual lakorn BS "oh if I tell her she'll hate me so I'll just wait for her to find out from someone else and then that'll TOTALLY work out":facepalm: But Wayu tells her and lets Rin make her own decision whether or not she wants to be with a former hit-man and that was so much better even if she had dumped him.

ALSO, Jes is a total babe in this willing|