[One31] Traa Barb See Kaw - Bie Sukrit / Fon Nalinthip / Pim Pimjira / Bam Pakakanya / Tawan Panwa

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One31 will remake a popular lakorn in the past, ตราบาปสีขาว / Traa Barb See Kaw (White Sin) aired back in 2010. The original version starred many renowned actors such as Tang Saksit, Jieb Sopitnapa, Nat Myria and Pei Panward. It's also the debut lakorn of Singto Singhharuth and Ploy Patchara as the main couple. The new version starred Bie Sukrit, Fon Nalintip, Pim Pimjira and Bam Pakakanya. This is the first debut lakorn for Tawan Panya, who is in the role that Singto played.


“Trabap See Kao (White Sin)” centers around 3 best friends: Duanphen (Nat Myria), Kaewta (“Jeab” Sopitnapa Choompanee), and Kameuay (“Pei” Parnward Hemmanee) who grew up together in an orphanage. The 3 women loved each other as true blood sisters.

Later on in their lives, destiny trapped them together as all 3 were involved in a murder and the unintentional kidnapping of an infant child name “Songkran” from his father Anon (Tang Saksit).

To avoid punishment, they changed their names and went underground and moved to Bangkok to wait until the investigation/case passed its limit. Once that occurred, they can live out in the open again. But fate played a cruel joke on them when Anon met Songkran (“Singto” Singharat Chanphakdee) again and did not know Songkran was his long-lost son. To complicate matters, Anon falls madly in love with Kaewta and believes she is Songkran’s biological mother, to which she is not. Now we have our lakorn question, what will Anon (Tang Saksit) do when he learns that Songkran is his biological son and what will he do to Duanphen, Kaewta, and Kameuay when he learns they were involve in his wife’s murder? (Cre: Asianfuse)

1580974927112.png 1580975029952.png

Pim Pimjira Jaroenlak as Kaewta / Karaketh

1580975201281.png 1580975249509.png

Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew as Anon

1580975472688.png 1580975531044.png

Fon Nalinthip Phoemphattharasakun as DeunPen / Daranee

1580975624413.png 1580975691208.png

Bam Pakakanya Charoenyos as Kamuey / Ornthip

1580975814050.png 1580975889097.png

Tawan Panwa Promthep as Songkran

The young Nang'ek has yet to be confirmed...

I love this lakorn so much... It's not your ordinary lakorn with the love triangle plot things and stuffs. It's a touching story of a father longing to seek revenge for his wife and find his long lost son, only to realize the person he falls in love with is the adoptive mother of his son and the unintentional murder of his wife. It also features the tragic story of 3 best friends involved in a murder that changed their life forever, and had to choose whether to let their adoptive son knows his biological father or hide it to prevent from getting caught. It's not that great but is very emotional, and I enjoyed it so much, especially the ending. I don't want to spoil for those who would like to watch so make sure to have a look for yourself.


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