[ONE HD] 2 Moons : Duern Kiew Duern - BL Series

Discussion in '2018' started by jellybeans, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. jellybeans

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    Just wondering if any of you guys/gals watched 2 Moons the series? It is a novel by Chiffon_cake then turned into a series. I don't know if this genre (boyslove) is discussed on this site or not. But just wanted to say it's a good love story and I'm eagerly waiting for season 2. Oh! I guess I should mention that the actors are relatively new to the industry so their acting isn't all that great, but they did an acceptable job. The main characters are Phana, Wayo, Ming, Kit, Forth, and Beam. And they don't show anything explicit so if you've never seen a BL series, it's still safe.

    Here is the preview from the first season:
  2. x.ya.x

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    what’s this? did it air?? I don’t see anyone comments
  3. jellybeans

    jellybeans sarNie Egg

    yes, it already aired last year. you should watch it. it's a lot of fun.

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