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college student. sophomore. majoring in child and adolescent development. seriously need a job so i can start paying off my loans.
oh dearrrrrrrr......headache, just thinking about it... lol


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I am fortunate to be a principal at an elementary school. This is my second year, and I am facing many challenges that sometimes I just want to quit the darn job! Not only are there pile of paperwork to do, I have to deal with students', parents', and teachers' issues on a daily basis! My first year, I went home crying myself to sleep so many times...thinking and telling myself this is not what I want as a lifelong career. I feel like I'm doing it for my father only. He, so much, wanted at least one of his kids to be a principal. Since I was the only one majoring in Education, his dreams fell on me! Two of my siblings are accountants, one's a computer engineer, and the other two are still in college - one pursuing a career in Finance, the other in Criminal Justice!

I'm thinking about a career change. What do you all think? And with the way the economy is, which field is best?

Fallingstar...I am so proud of you...lol...I think I may have met your dad over the Fresno New Year ( that is if you're from SAC). He was telling me that he had a daughter who was a principal at an elementary school in SAC...since I havn't heard of any principals in SAC I am assuming you are his daughter. He was so proud of you ...the way he described you was so full of pride that I couldn't help but be happy for him. I know its tough and you gotta follow your dreams too, but hopefully you will stick to it in the long run. And no..I don't know your dad...he just stopped by our booth in Fresno to chat.

I am also very proud of all of you ladies in here too...lol Regardless...its really hard to find a job during this time...so just be glad that you're all employed...lol...if you are employed that is.......

As for me...I missed my chance at college when I decided to get married and settle down. I grew up in a time when girls were expected to get married young and start a family. Thats what we (my cousins and I) all did. I don't regret because I was fortunate enough to have an understanding husband who supports my goals and dreams.

However..I am just thankful that I have a decent job that pays pretty well and allows me to do a lot on my spare time. I'd have to honestly say that I basically get paid a lot to sit and do nothing all day. I've been with my place for 15 years...lol.... Its really boring if you ask me....unless someone calls in and has a major hissy fit then I'd have something to do. But other than that, I write my scripts or novels all day long and make phone calls to cast n crew...actually I think my cast is getting sick of hearing from me...lol........Its amazing what white collar jobs will let you get away with vs. blue collar.

Whatever you girls choose to do in life..don't ever give up or let anyone tell you to stop dreaming because anything is possible as long as you can dream.


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my sister's headline on myspace motivates me:

"you don't have to be smart to succeed.. you just have to work hard"

I'm currently in grad school...and the best advice a random professor I met at my new grad school gave me when he realized i was from far out of town and one of the few hmong students earning my master's degree, he told me success is only 50% brains, the other 50% is determination!!!! I never looked at it that way before, but he couldn't be more right.... It's so true!