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Hey sreymao, i'm sorry for being a bug but i can't read thai and i'm not sure how to go about dling the song from channel 7 is there any way you can help me please.


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Anas still has memory lost.

The bad guy puts a new version of Dope into his team of volleyball players where they cannot be detected in urine test or any regular test for drugs.

Off is in a sorry state.

The group is falling apart.


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Hey can someone post the direct link to Ch.7's music page. Can't read thai so its hard to manipulate that site.


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Off is not a bad guy in this lakorn..... Hope to see more thank to Lakornlover... Check out her achieve for the lakorn...ll


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is the song good in the lakorn i can't find it ch 7??????? can someone just upload it


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iam starting to love Benz she so cute and pretty love her acting she improve alot!!!!!!! :wub: :)


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what??!?! this lakorn ended already?? ahh lakornlover can u please finish uploading this lakorn in your archive section? please, thank you.

but in the mean time, any summaries??


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It ended already? I'm only on episode 10. Sure, I'll get it up as soon as possible. I really like Benz. She's pretty and her acting is pretty good.


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LOL! I was y was this topic moved? :rolleyes:
Anywayz, it hasn't end yet. What happen to Gibzy? I didn't see her in the last 2 episode :huh: .


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This lakorn ended already, this Tuesday. WHich is yesterday.

Off married Benz and Arnus let her go because he believes true happiness is seeing two people you love get each other.

However, Off dies at the end. Benz makes Off's dream come true in love and in creating the heart shaped tea.

Arnus almost died but he survived and he yelled that he will make a beautiful tea like his brother.

Louis and the others win in volleyball, both teams.

The sweet guys wins in his wheel chair competition.

The main bad guy gets killed by Off. Benz ex is caught by the police. Louis ex partner is stabbed to death for gabbling debt.

I wanted Benz and Arnus to get each other but I think in time, they will.

But the lakorn is a good lakorn mixing tea,volleyball, love,a nd hope! It is not so teen area but really well made lakorn.


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Yep it ended... They cut out lots of scenes, skip so much- if you don't follow carefully you'll get lost just like me 555. In the song they have where Arnus and Benz was holding hands wearing the thai southern clothes <-- did I miss that??


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Gosh i fell behind for a week or Two and I miss like the Whole lakorn...what happens to Gibzy? and The Balloon girl....hoy I gotta go watch it. =) B bak to Read again laterz

i got to like Ep 12 cuz i skipped 11 ahah but what happened to Gibzy? i Havent seen her since like ep 6 or sumthin....


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mokka said:
so benz and arnas didn't get together than??
WHAT?? they didnt get each other??

i'm missing so much things....and wow the lakorn ended already! that fast! how come this topic was moved and hua jai chocolate and sum other lakorns didnt get moved??


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this lakorn is really different....thats about it.
i think that they should have given benz more justice i mean she's in the lakorn thinking htat she'll have a bigger part but really doesnt. i dunno thats just me. and they're were def very lil cute scenes between arnus and benz.

but doesnt mor pee cyber air after this??