NTRY but it's a vietnamese version

So, near me, in the 2010s there used to be a company called DZUI entertainment. They were mainly a Vietnamese production company based in the US. Back then, I remember my mom brought home some Vietnamese dubbed lakorns and they were by DZUI Entertainment. When I was watching them I noticed there was Khmer text and I found out that DZUI Entertainment was buying the lakorns from NTRY. (see photos). They dubbed a few Channel 5 lakorns but those lakorns ended up getting dubbed officially in Vietnam, except for Lord Lai Mungkorn (Ntry: Kon Neak Chlong Dan), but it turns out the official Vietnam dubs are harder to find then the DZUI ones, considering that while they sometime when out of business, some video stores still sell them. They mainly dubbed CH3 and CH7, which was also cool, since these ones aren't aired in Vietnam that much. Also, I found out at sometime they switched from NTRY to Sarika Studio, mainly I think because Sarika had better picture quality (see photos). Also, for some reason they used Mayura to dub Song Kram Nang Fah, even though it would be later dubbed in Vietnam, I think it's cool to see two different dubs of the same thing. So, just wanted to share that with some people.