Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb ghost


sarNie Hatchling
i dunno, but i couldn't see a ghost @ 4.42....all i saw was a little kid sitting in the bushes, thinking it's out of view or something and then a little girl standing next to a tree lol

at 6.30...i think it's a little kid...i was all scared for nothing LOL...


sarNie Adult
Agreed. BUT, his character really ticked me pff. Who the hell
is crazy enough to accept the betrothal to Nkauj Nab Siv
Ceeb when they know exactly what she is!? It's common
sense. Maybe if he were a guy who doesn't understand dreams
but he is the "doctor" of the village. He knows almost
everything about the Hmong culture. Yet, he does something
so stupid even though it was just a dream. I feel that he
was somewhat cheating on his wife even though he "loves"
her. Made me question his love for her.
totally agree! i was like WTF he's cheating on his wife. didn't like the movie. =[