Ngao Hua Jai - I have the Eng subtitles

Discussion in 'FanSub' started by rainruma, May 15, 2017.

  1. rainruma

    rainruma sarNie Egg

    Ngao Hua Jai --- This wonderful lakorn used to be on Viki before they removed all lakorns.

    I downloaded their subtitles.
    I want to give the credit to the original subbers, but I don't know who they are ... yet I feel International community should not be deprived of this gem of a lakorn .... Jasmin Lakorns and Alwaysmeena don't list it.
    Anyone interested?

    EDIT: Someome is already synching subs w/ a different video ... vry happy to see it will soon be available again.
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  2. bellebrunette1263

    bellebrunette1263 sarNie Egg

    I am interested!!! Do you know who is resynching?
  3. rainruma

    rainruma sarNie Egg

    yes... She has done a wonderful job so far and uploaded eps. 1-8 to file sharing site, but it has been over a month and no progress ...

    Instead of splitting episodes to fit subs, she is joining the sub files for each episode, then syncing w/ video for whole episode .... The result is better, but also more work.

    Which part do you want to help w/ ... or do you only want sub files ?
  4. sheersaint

    sheersaint sarNie Egg

    Am interested. I can even help putting the subtitles to the videos just send me what you got
  5. jaace

    jaace sarNie Egg

    I know this is an old thread but if anyone has the subs please send them my way. Alwaysmeena uploaded the series in DM but a few videos were removed and can't be reupload and I wanted to re sync sub those missing episodes for all the fans.

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