**New Year Resolution 2007**


well its almost the end of the year..anyone has a new year resolution? mine..........my new year resolutions are...
  • To be even stronger in life
  • live a healthy & happy life with the one that i love (my soot tee ruk) & the one loves me =] (they know who they are..no need to mention names)
  • be there even more for the one that i love & loves me..physically & emotionally
  • finish what i left off...& dont let anything get in my way "damn stupid nosey as$ people"..get a life..mind your own & you'll live longer..damnmit =] (i said that with a smile..hehe)----->read my siggie.."do i give a damn about you?.......nooo i think "NOT" get the point..enough said..muahaha...lol
  • get marry? lol :lol: ...jk..hehe
yep..thats about it..there may be more..but cant think atm..lol anywho..want to wish everyone a "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007"..i know its early..but oh well..hehe..another year with the best forum there is out there!!! me <3 you sarNies very mucho=]


sarNie Hatchling
you're so funny sammy! :lol: but yeah my new years resolutions this year are:

- to stop smoking...haha j/k i don't smoke...eeww gross!

- to spend more time with my mom which i'm gonna do when i go up north

- to catch up with old friends from hs that i haven't seen for ages now

- and last but not least....hoping to recover soon because i haven't been feeling well for 3 months now :( that's why i haven't been working out.


Staff member

--Think About Myself More

--Learn How To Seperate From the People who cares and The People who doesn't

--Be a better student

--Get a Job

--Loose Weight Hahha

--Most definately Drop Dead weight from my life train...


sarNie Juvenile
My new year resolution....ummm
First and foremost- i want to start it off with DRAMA FREE....
Loose weight
Finish school
control my spending

last but not least...spend more time with my parents...


sarNie Egg
Minez iz Too Spend tyme wit my family since i'm alwayz at school..n to save more money i spend waaay too much on clothe....yea that's about it


mine is too have fun in life. lol...i have a lot of fun already but i just want to keep having fun. as for promises i agree with Ning, i don't want to make any because i know i can't keep them. lol. but having fun..yes that i can keep. lol!


sarNie Hatchling
New Year's Resolution: Work out and loose weight! Be more adventurous and travel!


sarNie Hatchling
be happy and enjoy life. lolz easy new year's resolution I can keep.


sarNie Adult
UUUGGGGHHH I never can make pass January!!! Let see if it's different for 2007

- Manage my time better
- Straight A's spring semester
- Go out more
- Spend time with mommy and daddy


For me:

1. Avoid getting on the computer all the time and go to dance practice more :p
2. Help my mom out at her restaurant more
3. Erase all the bad memories
4. Start doing what I'm suppose to do to get it over with
5. Try my best in taekwondo
6. Go to bed early -_-
7. Save up money :ph34r:
8. Stop gossiping about customers at the restuarant in English (I'll do it in Thai next time :p ) and make sure they're not in the bathroom when we're gossiping about them <_<
9. Stop thinking about Max :arrg:
10. Try to spend one day off of the computer.. B) do u think i can ever do that? :huh:
11 Try to write a fanfix (Let's hope I will finally get pass Ch. 2 this time)


in the following order:

- to finish GW with all my characters.. all 9 of them
- to find a life and stop going into all the forums and flash chat


sarNie Hatchling

#2 Make BILLIONS of money..keke
#3 Get a degree in medicine, ASAP!!!
#4 Get out of my parents house.
#5 stop being such a no-lifer.. :lol:

why is it that girl's resolution is always to lose weight? LOL..i dont know either..but it's my first..hahah. :lol:


wow..almost new years=] i think i need to add to mine..ummm..smile more and i mean alot more..& try to relax with the "white mocha frapp" lol i think that one is impossible..lol


sarNie Adult
forget that someone...
lose some weight gonna join a gym i hope!
make some money to pay off all these bills!
have a social life. i need one so bad