New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?


sarNie Egg
kev hlub muag nuj nqis - my daddy is a superstar staring weir and this one girl
kev hlub los ntawm meej mom - starring son and this one girl
and more...


sarNie Oldmaid
Just want to ask is the one with Son "kev hlub los ntawm meej mom" is that the who with Grand the Princes lakorn?


sarNie Adult
Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter starring Aom Piyada and Pong Nawat dubbed by HA Entertainment. Hmong title is Li Cas Los Tsuav Tau Koj part 1-6.


sarNie Juvenile
how come pancake's lakorns are never dubbed? except for the one with oil.


sarNie Hatchling
Anyone here an avid hmong song listener??? I'm trying to find out the title of the song and the artist for the hmong song that they play in Nplooj Siab Tsis Qhuav Ntshav....Mart and Susie's lakorn "Plerng See Roong" the song....


sarNie Adult
anybody know if "Rook Kard" is going to be dubbed?
I know that this drama just came out but do any of you guys know if someone is going to dub "Dok Ruk Rim Taang"?


sarNie Adult
I really hope that the dubb companies consider "Ngao Rak Luang Jai" and "Weewa Wah Woon" and "Dok Ruk Rim Taang"
I really think that these lakorns are amazing and i really hope that all these lakorn can be dubbed by July 4th.


sarNie Granny
i hope they dubb the house of hidden love - kob, mint, win, kelly etc... n DDRT- wiew, bie,fang,ann,toey,oh.
i love these two new lakorn so far i would be glad if sum/any company dubb these two lakron i love it. :wub: