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sarNie Adult
The concert is 10th September at Siam Paragon Hall. The concert will start at 16.00 PM, it's on sunday.. I believe the show will be at least 2 hours long.. we still don't know who the guests are.

The tickets are 2000 bath, 1500 bath , 1200 bath, 800 and 500 bath. I think the 2000 bath ticket are sold out. But there're still some confusion about if it's the 2000 bath tickets are sold out or not,, I definitely think you should ask.. the closer you are, the better it is

Those who sell the tickets are Major Ticketing Center and Paragon Cineplex, they have over 20 stations where you can buy it.. but I heard that their service sucks.. so

this is how the hall looks like

the ticket

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