need help find Laos wedding dress?

Discussion in 'Laotian' started by KEO, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. KEO

    KEO sarNie Egg

    hi, anyone out there know any web-site to buy Laos wedding dress.My wedding come soon i can't find my wedding dress yet.I have a white dress, but i want to wear Lao dress.Please help me find one Thank!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. exp0

    exp0 sarNie Juvenile

    My best bet for you is go to to and ask them there. Or ask one of the elderly if they know a woman who is a really good tailor, that's how I did it. Just a nice sarong with the pah sa bieng and a blouse that matches it and voila.
  3. iamnowhere

    iamnowhere sarNie Adult

    Oh wow!! Congrats to you... Sorry I don't have a website for you to look at..... Are you looking for fabrics or more of designs???? Usually my mom gets her fabric anytime someone fly out to laos... she likes buys by the dozen or something so I don't know any sites. But just want to wish you the best!!! Congrats again! :yahoo: Cheers
  4. KEO

    KEO sarNie Egg

  5. mone

    mone sarNie Egg

    that's what a lot of people do. they buy material then have someone cut it for them
  6. shubby

    shubby sarNie Adult

    at my town they used to have it cut and ready for ppls to buy or rent it..but the lady is in Lao rite now..but there this other gurl that i know..she might have a wedding dresses..and she live like rite next to me..hhehe...i can ask her for you if you want...
  7. KEO

    KEO sarNie Egg

    Thank you!For helping.Finaly i got the dress is so beauty.It was red,two pieces.
  8. vonni

    vonni sarNie Egg

    pics of your dress?
  9. KEO

    KEO sarNie Egg

    i will,now my scaner don't work.when fix i will show Lao wedding dress and canadian dress too.I have three Lao wedding dress and i don't know with one to pick,baby blue,red and plurple.the skirt all same the differen top -baby blue the top one shouldert he red V-neck tie at the back and plurple is same red but have long scafe at the back.
  10. ~Sandy~

    ~Sandy~ Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!

    Don't pick mother and grandmother says is the color of the widower. Just a lao superstition, if you like to follow. But im sure all 3 would be lovely.
  11. IRukYou

    IRukYou sarNie Juvenile

    It's an old topic, but does anyone have updates on wedding dresses? I found tons of thai, but hardly Lao. What's your color preference?
  12. norman

    norman sarNie Egg

    your wedding dress pics will help a lot..

    other i can guess..


    may be it is your wedding dress..only guess.....

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