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naruto is so cool but lately the epsisodes have gotten mre boring kinda but is till love it o bits it roks!!! im on ep.196 alatest 1 yet i guess nd its not hat well intresting but attleast u get to c many ppl fight more its quite funny aswell...^_^ :lmao:


Can you show me the picture of Kakashi then? I want to see how he looks like without the masks. Lolz that episode is funny... the father and daughter was in love though. Makes me want to see his face. I think he's probably a pretty boy.


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I LOVE to watch Naruto. Naruto is funny. Sasuke is hecka cute. I was sad that Sasuke became a bad guy. Kakashi is also pretty cute too. They each are cute in their own way.


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ah man
totally love naruto!!
i love kakashi and gaara
most favorite line from the anime?
towards the end of naruto (not shippuden)
gaara goes: "i'm sabaku no gaara"
aaahhhh xD

Muddie Murda

I'm so hooked hehehehehe

I love how susake falls into Naruto's silllllyyyyy ideas!

Like when they were going to meet Kakashi for the first time and Naruto was playing that eraser prank. Susake thought it was a stupid idea, but he turned to see if the prank worked when kakashi walked in Haha...and esp the Kakashi's face epi...hahaha I love how Susake's so silly sometimes. :D

I love kakashi's bright cheery mood...and his serious sexy mood. hahaha During that huge battle when the city was being attacked during the chunin (?) exam...kakashi kept his cuteness when he jumped infront of sakura and smiled cheerily, telling her to stay like that for a moment while he decrease the numbers of enemies. hehehehehehehe I'MA MARRY HIM! :D

I really love seeing Naruto with so much potential and he gets stronger and's impressive.

I love all the characters so far, except for sakura...and what was her friend's name? The blonde chick. Anyways, it's quite boring w/ these two, and their battle was sorta lame too. I hear that Sakura will become useful until far yeahhh :D


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Haha, hearing you write about that makes me miss the old Naruto days. I don't know if it's because I've gotten older or what, but lately Shippuuden hasn't been that exciting. Naruto's always angry and it's always so dark. Not as much humor as before.

anime luver

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hey, is there an episode when they show kakashi's past? i never got to see it, except for in the manga! was it really good? please tell me!


sarNie Egg
narutp shippuden pretty much follow growing up days. it slow, but will get better because his teacher got kill by the leader bad guy pain.


sarNie Granny
omg...i computer freak brother love these type of anime drama....


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sigh since i'm all updated on the anime & manga all over again .. i have to wait every week argh lol..

anyways.. i just read the latest chapter which was 498 i believe.. and omg.. i was touched.. naruto sees his mom.. he definitely takes after his mom.. lol.. n omgee!!! young minato (4th hokage, naruto's dad) is freaken adorable!!! i def cant wait to see these scenes when the anime catches up....

ahhhhhh.. I LOVE NARUTO!!


i'm only watching anime. not reading the manga. it would be unbearable for me to wait for the anime to catch, if i had read the manga first. :lol: although i'm really curious to know what happens.


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wahhh.. this week's ep touched me so much even though i read it already.. i super love hinata and her love for naruto T_T.. *sniffsniff*

i totally can not wait for next week!! the kyuubi awakens!!! muahahahaha...


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Goodness. I'm so far behind in this anime. ahahahaha
but lately i have just been watching the latest episodes.
I can't wait to see What Naruto and his father talks
I'm so anxious for next weeks episodes...:)
Can't wait. His papa is soo...Gahhhh!! HANDSOME! ahahahhaha ;P


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oh my golly gee..
naruto & sasuke were born on the same day!!!
eek... i cant wait to read next week's chapter and watch the anime... ahhh.. i hate it when it gets delayed..