Nang Sib Song

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
The trailer that Minankumo posted above is the Nang Sib Song by IPM production and not the actual boran lakorn company Samsearn. 
Samsearn was suppose to make kraithong or sung Tong next, but I don't know what's going on b/c I see the pictures that I posted above of the ladies and the guy floating around on FB and they said the Samsearn company might make nang 12 next. Not sure what's going on. Maybe they're just feeling intimidated by IPM and doing whatever IPM production is doing...I think they should just stick with their plan of making Kraithong or sung tong next but I don't mind seeing a remake of Nang Sib Song either lol.

But at Earlier of the year someone posted up pictures for Samsearn's cast fittings of Nang Sib Song too but they said it wasn't official but they ended up making Kaew Na Mah instead. 

I like the costumes though. IPM's costume is more older but I like how they keep the crown and stuff. And I like how Samsearn's costumes has an elegant touch to them, though they don't wear the sabai and just the outer cloth. 


sarNie Adult
i was about to say!! the trailer made the boran look so low budget that i was contemplating on whether i can stand the low budgetness of it. lol.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Something has been wrong with my account so haven't updated anything recently but anyways casts are as follow.

Pupe Kessarin as Pao (youngest)
Namwa as Plawd
Sarah Sett as Pi
Nirada Chetsdapriyakun as Saed
Paew Waa as Pai
Gam Khaojitphunsuk as Yai
Ping Ping Chualongkorn as Klong
Pearwan Somsak as Klai
Pim Aunya as Bpong
Pleng Charanaradee as E
Scuchada Chunutra Suskan as Pan
Mean Woranporn as Bua (Oldest)
Looksorn Supassara Mameekeet as Mae Chan (mother of the 12s)

Pinkkamonwan as Mayree
Khaw Tu Ponpaj as Rothasen

Hopefully this will be a good remake and hope they won't add more nonsense