Name That Song!

This is very similar to Thookatha's "Name That Lakorn!" game. Lol. Since we have one for lakorns, why not have one for songs? However, here's the catch, the songs must be THAI ONLY. Lol. And that is because lakorns are Thai, if that makes any sense at all.
So basically, you wrote out two or more lines of a song and the next person guesses it. Also, bold the lyrics so that it's easier to spot. Let's see how many Thai songs we know!
I'll start...and I'll start easy!
"Kae Yahk Bpen Kon Tee Took Ruk
 Kae Yahk Ja Took Krai Sak Kon Khao Jai..."


I'm not syre, but i'll go with the song, "kon tee took ruk"? Lol.

Here's my lyrics:

Chun mai roo ja rerm ton yahng rai jeung yahk kau, maub pleng nee pyr tan kwarm sia jai...