Nai Fun (in dream)


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this is a remake from ch.3... the old version had so many big stars in it.... i think willy, lalita, chatchai and his wife... and so many more people! and the story kinda dragged too... the setting is like those fancy costume time... during the kingdom time... don't know what to call but yeah... it was okay... just dragged at times... because they tried to accomplish so much stuff in the lakorn... but nowadays.... they are making lakorns shorter so i hope it'll be better. ;)


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let me try though im not good .. i think the p'k is a prince from some kingdom and he came to vist dis one kingdom and he meet Mew she like spoil princess and Chai is like a prince or soemthing ?? LOL . Anywho , it mostly about sigh seeing and dining and dancing .. horse back riding lol i know Mew like Chai but he in love with some princess in a kingdom far a way and they exchange letters.. and i think Chai die the two was never get together .. dis is from bit and pieces ..but i dont remeber anything exciting happen are any evil ppl ... :sweat:


i like lakorns like this but from that summary that was given about horse bk riding doesnt hit it for me at all.


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i watch this's not it....i hope Tui get with Sara...but i think he's gonna die....but hope not....


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I'm pretty much such Tui is going to die at the end...and Sara is going to get up marrying someone else......oopsie...I hope I didn't ruin it for anyone...but if you read the story and all..then you'll know that Tui is going to die at the end....unless they change the storyline...^_^


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they changed the storyline a little bit..Tui died and Sara didn't end up with anyone..but it's so sad at the end. but i love this lakorn..